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Ghosts... My story.


Hell, It's about time!
What do you think of this… I never used to be one that believes in ghosts. Here lately though I’m beginning to believe in them a little bit. About a month ago my girlfriend’s daughter called me on my cell frantic because she heard growling and someone talking in the bathroom. Not outside, but in the bathroom with her. I wrote it off as maybe the neighbors below us or something. She insisted however it was there with her. Some time passed and I began to notice my cat acting weird. By weird I mean he wouldn’t go in the bathroom to eat unless I was in there. One night I was on the toilet (I’m sure you needed to know that), I had just fed my cat and he was wrapping around my feet like he wanted fed. I guess he didn’t realize I had put some food in his dish. Well he turned around, hunkered real low to the ground, ears back and hissed. He ran out of the bathroom really low like something scared him. He was really jumpy for the next few days. About a week after the incident with the cat my son went into the bathroom about 8:30 at night. He was in there doing his business when he walked out really slow looking back in the bathroom really weird like something was in there. I took a look and nothing was in there. He had this spooked look on his face then went back into the living room.

Now and again my cat gets really spooked and won’t go into the bathroom. He will stare blankly into the bathroom from the door like he wants to go in, but he is watching something. I’ll get up and go in, he will follow me in, but looks really cautious and walks low to the ground. As soon as I leave, he is out with me. Last night everyone was upstairs when my girlfriend decided she had to go to the bathroom. While she was down there with the cat, she heard somebody going “Psst” over and over. The cat heard it too. He was fine when he went in, but got really spooked and guarded apparently looking in the direction of the noise (Which was over by his food dish). Kellie went to go pick him up to take him out of there and he swiped at her and ran off. This is totally out of character for him. She went into the kitchen when she heard some ruckus like someone was in the bathroom. I came down to see what was up because I heard it too, I looked into the bathroom and it had stopped by then and she was already in the kitchen with the cat, so it wasn’t her. Later that night as I was nodding off to sleep, I awoke abruptly hearing a noise in the hallway, and then I got this really weird cold feeling like I was being watched.

I get that feeling a lot especially near the bathroom. A lot of times at night ill be sitting at my computer which is near the bathroom when I’ll get this chill and feel like I am being watched. Once in a while when I feel this, my cat perks up too and looks in the direction of the bathroom. I’m not sure what is going on, but there is something going on. What do you think?


Sally Twit
Sometimes I wonder if people spook themselves so much they begin to hear things. I have a hard time believing in things like this.. But that's because I've never witnessed it.
I mean I have no explanation for why your cat acted that way, but how can you know an animal senses things like that?


Hell, It's about time!
I can understand if it was just me hearing stuff, or only my cat acting weird... but all of us to one extent or another have had some experience with this.


It's not me, it's you.
I've had some experiences that makes me believe in them. I am skeptical most of the time, but I definitely believe that it is possible.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sounds like to me you have a ghost. I have seen one before so I'm quit sure they exist. I am wondering about the history of the place. Like did something happen there where it involved a death or maybe previous residents being involved in the occult. I would check it out, you may want to move.


Hell, It's about time!
Well the first year here there wasn't so much as a peep. All this has happened within the last month or so. I live in a old town Greencastle, PA, and I assume an old house (Circa 1860) as most buildings in this town are. It has since been renovated. I don't know what has changed, but it has me a little bit spooked. The landlord just bought the property two years ago so he doesn't know much about it's history either.


Problematic Shitlord
You could try some amatuer investigating. Simple things like a camera left on in the bathroom or using an audio recorder. Other than that, you may be able to dig up some info on the house, look up previous owners or see if anything happened that would suggest such a haunting.


A Darker Knight
I'm definitely a believer of supernatural activity, especially in places with history. A part of me wishes that I can experience it first hand, but in general, it's not too good to. I believe it's something that's out of our "powers" as normal people to deal with these things the proper way.

If you're religious at all, you could have someone come in and check it out. Having a ghost in your presence will likely start having adverse effects on you if you don't know how to settle it. (I don't mean to sound too cryptic or anything)

But hey, that's just me. If you don't believe in ghosts, then you have your own ways to handling the situation.


Registered Member
I do believe in ghosts and I've had a "Close Encounter of the third kind" with one as well (another story), it can be extremely scary if you are not ready for it just let me say that! Being that I'm a little older and wiser now on the subject I would handle things a little differently, such as find out if there is a local paranormal research team in your town or nearby college and give them a call and see if they think you might be experiencing a haunting. Perhaps they can help with a little research on the home as well, do recordings etc...Worth your time and effort if you feel you or your family would find peace of mind.
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No Custom Title Exists
I believe in supernatural activity because it has happened to me before and I've had people confirm that they've seen the same specter, well one person really.

It was early last year and I was sleeping on other side of the bed, a habit really and it was around 3am and out of sudden, my eyes opened and I saw a lady in a night dress with long wet hair and she was leaning over staring me in the eyes. I was scared shitless that night but after that, I got comfortable because I've seen another one after that. I told my sister about it and she said she saw the same lady a couple of weeks earlier so definitely believe in them.