Ghosts caught on tape


"There can be only one!"
Watch this car really carefully, and tell me if you see a guy jump infront of it, and he's still there after the car goes through him. Turn up your volume and tell me if you hear a graon kind of sound, but you have to listen close:

YouTube - Ghost Car

This video is not a fake. I saw it on a crime program just last year.


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I am so glad I didn't believe you, so instead of watching it, I muted the video and watched it out of the corner of my eye. :nod:


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Yeah, I'm not going to watch it either but the name reminded me of something.

Did you ever actually see the video of when the police are chasing a car and it goes through the fence and they are really confused?


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I've seen both these videos. The one you talked about, Bob, was an actual good one. I'm still trying to figure out how they did that. Also, fuck screamers.


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Omg i swear to god my hearts in my throat...thats so mean!!!!
I was thinking to myself if this is real whats with the pipe tunes...... mean!!!<<goes n changes underwear