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~Ghostrider Movie Teaser~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya..It wasn't just him, it was the movie as a whole..There way too many mistakes and major plot screw ups..

I hope the next flick will be better..

As for the joker they are being verry tight lipped right now. All I can tell ya is think Btaman Beyond...

As soon as they put out the press release I can tell you more..I'm hopeing that they use more of my work this time....

Oh did the last pic I posted work for ya..It should be the right size for ya now.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Oh, the last pic was the smallest of all of them LOL! What I meant was if you had one about twice as big as the one in post #5. :) Or the biggest you can find. Whichever is bigger. :D


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey Andrew I found the prob...I'll have to fix it in the morning..

BTW Here is a new pic that I just made..

I'll have better ones for ya on monday....
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