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Ghostly Figure


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Hey guys. I don't know if any of you outside of the UK know where yorkshire is, it is in the centre of the UK basically, close to where i live.

Anyway i was reading The Sun newspaper today and stopped at a certain article.

Ghostly figure on moors | The Sun |News

Now the Yorkshire moors are famous for ghostly like sightings but this one seems very genuine.

What do you reckon, you guys believe in ghosts or ever think you have seen/felt/heard one?


Supreme System Lord
We have a few threads about the paranormal.

I am extremely passionate about all things paranormal. I'm a huge believer and have been doing a little ghost hunting in my time with a little success. My Nan's old house was haunted and we had loads of fun. Seen a ghostly figure down the stairs one time. Instead of fearing it I was fascinated.

I've been keeping tabs on a few sighting around the world and one day it would be good to visit a few. Especially Belmez, with the 'faces in the floor'.
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yellow 4!
Same thoughts as EEB really, except I'm perhaps a little more skeptical. I just know there is a lot of BS surrounding the paranormal. I bet a huge amount of what we hear about ghosts is fake, but also I think there's too much 'evidence' for there not to be something else out there. I've always been fascinated with ghosts but I've never had any experiences apart from really small things.


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but I've never had any experiences apart from really small things.

We don't want to hear about your sex life, thank you.

Stick to the topic in hand.

Did anyone see the recent video of the haunted play park. The swings would move on their own as though somebody was swaying on them.


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No mate where was this?

There is another case currently here in the UK with the extremely haunted hospital you heard about that?


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YouTube - Ghost Swing

Pretty freaky.

Oh where abouts is this hospital?


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I love me some ooky spooks. I listen to Coast to Coast Am every night with my friend. I believe.

A relative of mine passed away and my family were taking pictures of the back deck because they were selling his house. Clear as a bell, not transparent, not ghostly, he appared in the photograph. Just like he would have if he was actually there. He was sitting in a patio chair smoking a cigarette with a red shirt on.


Sally Twit
I find it hard to believe things like that to be honest. Even more so after the link you provided is for The Sun. I hate that newspaper with a passion.


Ms. Malone

I love all things spooky, and think of the bodies that were never found that the Moors Murderers buried up there-although that figure looks a little too big for a child.

Haunted swings are unusual but most hospitals are haunted anyway :/