Ok I do not really believe in them that much anymore but for the past month this really messed up think keeps happening. I really need input on what this could be? It has happened three times.

First time- I feel asleep with my window wide open and my television on and the sound was on about 25 units. I do not have OCD or anything like that but I always turn the tv in my room up and down by fives so thats how I know. I also had a pair of shoes right next to the door right, and they were touching the door. The door was locked and shut tight before I feel asleep. There are two keys to my room, One I have in my room most of the time with me. The other my mom has but, I strongly feel she lost it. When I got up I was really hot. Someone had closed the window and Locked it. The television was off and when I turned it on the sound was realy low, all I remember about the sound was it was on a number that was not 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 like how I turn it up. SO I thought my mom just came in and did that because it was cold and the sound was too loud right.

Second time- I had the computer on and the window wide open again. I locked my door and made sure it was closed. When I got up the music on my pc was turned all the way down almost off and the window was shut and locked again. So I was like what the fuck. So I asked my mom and she said she did not got it my room because it was locked.

Third time- this happened to me tonight I just got up it is 11 pm here and when I went to bed I had the music pretty loud and I had a fan in my room because the screen in my window is broken so bugs will get in if I open it. They are throwing a little BBQ get together here. they are all plasted. My step dad came knocking at the all drunk and wolk me up. I sat up to him being an ass. I looked around the room and it was pitch black. I got up and the music was turned all the way off. So I switched it back on a little and opened the door for him. When I oped the door it let a little bit of light in my room and I now noticed the fan was off. I asked him what he wanted and said I was asleep. He said " No, I heard you turn off your music and then about five minutes later I heard you turn it back on then you answered the door.

So right now I am sitting in my room thinking about all this. Now most of the time I just think my mom is fucking with me but, then I remember about the shoes. When I got up they were in the same place meaning nobody can in the door because it would be inpossable to move them around on the other side of the door once you closed it. Also I am on the second floor of our house and my mom weights over 200 lbs and is 5'4" or something so I doubt she climed into my window to spook me.

OK now that you read all that do you agree with me that there is some type of weird shit going on? If you know of anything that can help prove that this is a ghost or not. I really want to get a night cam installed inside my room to try and catch it but, I do not have money for that type of shit. Also do you think if I turn on music, open my window, turn on teh television, and or turn on a fan that it will happen again. Do you think I might be in any type of harm? Also I swear to you that this is really happening I am not making this up I know it sound like a story or a cry for attaintion but I am 18 and I don't do that promise. Also is there a way to dig up records from my PC to find out if people died in my house or something? Thanks for read and if you have anything that might help me out or imput please by all means post.
I just went down stairs and that was the first thing a friend down stairs said. Then my mom said that she has heard someone trying to turn there door knock a few times in the morning when my brother and I are sleeping. She said when she gets to the door there is nobody there and my brother and I are dead asleep.

Merc if it is sleep walking how can I prove that I am sleep walking? Besides getting cams to monator my sleep.


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Get cams, that's the best thing you can do atm. OR get someone to be in your bedroom. Like yours mum or someone


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You could have ESP! Scientists can't prove or disprove it. Some are paid a lot to study it and true to see if they can prove it.


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He's doing it with his mind. XD

My psychology teacher was talking about it. Saying that no one knows for sure as to whether or not it exsists. But they do know that some people are more sensitive than others.


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You mean telekinesis? ESP is Extra-Sensory Perception, nothing involving moving around from what I know.


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Yes.... It does involve that.

There are like five main things that go under ESP and telekinesis is one of them.

I'm not saying he has it, I was just throwing it in the air because it was fresh in my mind from the lecture he gave on Friday. ^^;