Ghost Rider movie


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Hi all.

Well I just got back form seeing Ghost Rider, and it kicked total A$$!!!!

They did a great job! The movie had a full few dull spots, but all in all 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

The transformations were awesome! What can I say about the movie without giveing too much away.

It's a must see for any Marvel Fans! I wanted to stay and see it again. There loads of cool hidden goodies for the ghost rider fans.
Oh yeah see if you can spot stan lee in the movie. We found him = )

Now I need to go out and get the 22 inch Ghost Rider to add to my collection.
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I like the fact that Nicolas Cage has a Ghost Rider tattoo that they had to put makeup over when he played Ghost Rider. :)

I haven't seen it yet but it definitely looks very cool!


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I saw the movie earlier tonight and it was awesome. I saw one of the extras looking at the camera waving. :D