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Movies Ghost Rider 2!


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The trailer does not look that bad, but it could be the best parts of the film in the trailer.
Hopefully it will be a better film than the first, the effects of the ghost rider's head look better than in the first.


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I am less excited about this than I would be about catching an STD. GR1 sucked. I get that this one is going more for the dark side, more violence and so forth, but after the crap that was GR1 I just can't get happy here. Marvel/Disney needs to buy back all of their rights and do their own movies.

I don't like that constant ash look of the GR in this. I think I saw or read somewhere that Blackheart is the villian again (which they completely messed the story up in the first one though). I could be wrong though, it could be a good movie like IH was after the first one. Time will tell.


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Yeah, GR sucked and I don't have high hopes for this one. I don't think Nicholas Cage was a good choice for Mr. Blaze, they could have done so much better honestly.


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Ugh they are making another one? Why are we being punished?
Because Nic needs a pay check and everyone thinks that since Marvel/Disney can make a good Marvel movie that they can too and should keep the rights.


The first one was almost painful to watch. I can't imagine a scenario that places me in front of a movie/TV screen while this is playing. No thanks.


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The trailer of the first Ghost Rider looked epic but the movie failed, no doubt in my mind that this movie will be the same.


It's not me, it's you.
I did not like the first one at all, so had no plans whatsoever of seeing the second one.