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TV Ghost Adventures


Problematic Shitlord
I fucking love this show.

It's your standard ghost hunting show but the three guys who make up the team are such knuckleheads that it's incredibly fun entertainment. The main guy, Zack, is definitely a former frat boy. He can't resist flexing his muscles and taunting ghosts like he's some badass. My friends and I have dubbed him, the "Ghost Bro" because his college boy physique, mentality, clothing and that ridiculous spiked haircut make him hilarious. Just don't take him serious.

Then there's Aaron. He's the equipment guy and their go to guinea pig. Here's a standard situation that Aaron finds himself in:

Zack: In this room, two Satanists were murdered while they were trying to sacrifice a goat. They were so violent in life that it's rumored their ghosts are said to throw things around the room and physically assault the living. Aaron, we're going to give you this goat costume and have you spend a few hours in here telling these spirits how lame they are.

Aaron: . . . alright bro, I guess.

The last one is Nick and he's the second investigator. He's not nearly as entertaining as the other two, but he's the easiest to scare and it's common to see Zack flashing him a "dude you're a pussy" look or to actually make fun of him or yell about him being a coward.

All in all, the show is a fucking riot. From time to time, they even capture some really funky shit. Most of it you'll be skeptical of, but the EVP work and some of the video are pretty crazy. Do you watch? What do you think of it?