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I <3 GF GF's Miracle Squad


Problematic Shitlord
So GF was set ablaze today. Don't worry, Steve, Hoes, Anita, Dave, Vidic (Aleks), myself and several others have got this shit on LOCK.

GF's Miracle of 2013 has commenced.
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It's not me, it's you.
Haha, I have even broken my posting record for the day too, even though previously it was at a measly 45...but I have said many times I did not want to try to break it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm only at 50 some for the day. Not sure if I still have time to break my record of 75.


No Custom Title Exists
I have around 9 hours to break my record of 79 and I am currently on 30 right now. Won't happen because I have work in 2 hours and I am working till late :(


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Merc definitely led the pack yesterday in activity. Most of the credit goes to you.