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GF's Educational Background

GF Educutional Background

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Sally Twit
So many degrees. I feel like a right twat after voting. I finished high school and went in to a job a couple of years after. I tried to get in to college to do hairdressing but I had to find my own part time job at a salon before I could start college.
Luckily for me it didn't happen as I realised that was not the job for me.

I hope to get in to Counselling at some point. Just can't afford it right now.


No Custom Title Exists
I am in process of finishing High school, just one more semester :D After that, I am going to Uni and pursue a career in Criminal Justice.


For a Free Scotland
Currently in the midst of community college, though I don't plan to pursue an associate's degree and plan to transfer in the middle for a BA in Comparative Government. I then plan to get a MA in a political region or public policy.

I don't currently see myself as going for a doctorate, unless my life and ability to complete academic work changes drastically.


So, to me, it doesn't matter. I could pay them and provide the necessary documentation and get the same diploma issued to those who did the bare minimum to successfully complete their assignments. At this point in my life the diploma has little value.
This is a wide-spreaded phenomena over here. People pay for their college diploma without going to college even one day. It's happening the same with Masters diploma.
Sometimes diploma is formal and doesn't fully show someone's real knowledge.


Registered Member
I have nothing, I never sat any exams at school, in fact I never actually finished school.
My art teacher pulled out all the stops, called in a lot of favours and got me into an art course at college based on work from my last year.
I let him down badly as I only lasted two weeks before leaving,something that I deeply regret.

I freely admit that I was an arrogant little git, who thought school was a waste of time.
I drum into my kids how important school is, as I want them to have the chances that I denied myself.


Well-Known Member
So many degrees. I feel like a right twat after voting.
Me too :stare:

I graduated high school, and I have a few college/university credits that I got whilst still at school. At some point on planning on going to University, but whilst i'm still unsure on what I want to do, I don't see any point in wasting money on it.


I've got a BS in Human Nutrition with a minor in Business. If things don't turn around, though, I'm probably going to end up in something with no relation to my degree which is kinda annoying.


Registered Member
I have no degree in anything! Graduated high school, but that's all.

I started college for my AS in Internet Marketing but online college wasn't for me.

Then I started going on campus for Motorcycle Tech when my mother decided she was going to up and disappear and take the car and everything I owned. Thus, I could not make it to school anymore.

So now I sit with no education and no 'job.' =) Couldn't be happier.


Registered Member
I have two degrees. Am I the only one nerdy enough to be sad that my university days are behind me? Despite all the stress - most of which was self-induced - I really miss being a student.