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GF Writing Contest Entries / Poll

Which short story did you like the best?

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Alright, last week I posted up the entries from the writing contest we did here.

The entries are:



A Nation in Turmoil

It is...

James Castle: My Story

Please vote for your favorite story in the poll above. Feel free to reply and say why you chose the one you chose.

If one of these stories is yours then please do not vote for your own story. (Feel free to vote for somebody elses but for the sake of being fair please don't vote for your own)

Also, please do not vote if you did not read all of the stories.


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They were all good, it was so hard to choose...

But, I'd have to say "It Is..." was my favorite. Syntax and grammar needs work, but I loved the way it flowed. I love that It was, well, you'd know if you read it. It was very touching and tugged my heartstrings.

Very well done, whoever wrote it.


Problematic Shitlord

It is . . .

Full of cliches, grammatical and spelling errors, it was not a very strong piece. It felt more like a journal entry pulled from the pages of a teenaged girl. If that's what the author was going for, then great, otherwise is was just way too bland, typical, and boring to keep my attention.

James Castle

I'm sorry, I have no idea what is going on. Not to mention, stealing Holden Caulfield from J.D. Salinger made this story an automatic failure to me. I didn't expect to see fan fiction in this contest, but I guess I was wrong. There was a lot going on in this story, way too much and not enough explanation. There was no description and poor transitioning. I felt lost and confused as I read the story. A lot of work is needed and Holden needs to leave those pages, it's like a sacrilege to try and duplicate a masterful character like him.

A Nation In Turmoil

This story needs a dedicated reader to get through it. This is not a short story. Really, it isn't. It's not a story at all, it's a history lesson about an alternate universe. I found myself wanting to skip through most of it and had to fight the urges. There are no characters, no cohesive story, and no conflict. Not only does this read like a high school history class, it's not even a legal entry into this contest.


Okay, this definitely tugged at my "heartstrings" a bit so to say, but the twist at the end just left me annoyed and lost. The descriptions are solid and the story got me interested, but with so little explained, I felt unsatisfied. Yet, out of all the stories I read, this one is by far my favorite (because it actually makes me want more!).

Shit, I have to head to bed, leaving early in the morning, so I'll just vote now.


Ms. Malone
I went with Panic, mostly because i thought it was one thing when it was actually something else, it was impressive.


rainbow 11!
I'm stuck between a three way tie of Panic, James Castle, and It is.


living on the border
I really really like Panic. I was really shocked at the ending and I loved that about it. It pulled me along so that I didnt want to stop reading. Really good read.


Wanna play?
I chose beer. Not because it was my favorite story but because it had the best writing style. I like a story with strong descriptions and this one certainly had that, along with a knowledge in the english language.
The story carried me along right until the last paragraph which seemed more like an afterthought than an actual part of the tale. It left me wondering "ok, why"?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm stuck between a three way tie of Panic, James Castle, and It is.
Same here. Is the poll open to non writers/authors?


blue 3
Well luckily for you guys I don't have an entry so I can do everyone of them:


The beginning of this story is pretty strong. The basis for it isn't that great, it's the cliche guy likes girl, but girl doesn't respond. However, you keep enough small twists in it to keep me reading. You make the characters believable and I could almost see the girl in my head. Descriptions and writing style were the strongest attributes to this story. It moved along at a good pace, kept the reader interested, and I didn't have to tear apart errors to try and understand the writer. The ending seemed a little weak to me. The concept was good, and I liked it, but kinda like Angels said it felt more like an after thought, which maybe thats what you were going for, but it definatly did have that oomph you look for when theres a dramatic twist at the end.

Overall though 7/10

It is...

So we know what it is, but do we know what it is not? It is not a short story. It is nothing more than a narrative, or journal entry. It had no true protaganist or antagonist. There was no climax, no struggle, no climatic resolution. It was just almost a free verse poem or narrative dedicated to love. That being said it was a good idea, but a little tiresome. I have to agree with Cons, there were a lot of cliche's and grammatical errors. What you have to do when writing about soemthing, especially when it's as cliche' as love, then you have to work on a way of defining it like no one else has. Thats the trick of being a writer. Anyway it was a good try, but I'm not sure you really achieved what you were trying to.


James Castle:

Not to be overly disrespectful but this story jumped around more than a friggin jackrabbit. It was ultimately really hard to follow. And I appreciate the influence of salinger, but stealing Holden? You have to be careful with using characters so recognized as that. It wasn't a bad idea. It really wasn't, but there was way too much action and no description. We never got to get to know the characters above their own interactions. So there was no real room for any true feelings for the characters. Its very difficult to enjoy a story when there is real no description, because the fun of reading is seeing the book played out in your head. Otherwise, they are just words, and thats not too fun. Decent idea, but execution needs a lot of work. 5/10

A Nation in Turmoil

This one was tough to get through. Like really tough. I wanted to just quit reading the entire time, and thats largely due to the subject matter you chose. It wasn't even written like a story, more like a documentary, which is another reason why it was so hard to follow. Plus ilke Cons said this didn't even fit under the obligations required to be an entry in this contest, so even if I did want to vote for you I couldn't. If you're given an assignment as a writer, you must learn to bend the rules, without breaking them. Keep your own vision, but do it the way they say.

0/10 for illegal entry sorry


This was quite well written. It kept me focused in the entire time, and it did stir up the ol' ticker. It was a well written piece, I think there are some things that could have done better, like the ending, but over all it was a strong piece. Just remember that descriptions are a writer's best friend.


Ultimately voted for Beer. It was the best written piece.