GF Will - version 2


I'm serious
(version 1 is here:

Ok, so I am off to go zip-lining in the Kruger National Park in less than 30 minutes. Ysabel was so kind to point out my impending death, which seems likely if I have to be the one responsible for hooking myself to the next line. So before I go, I would like to get a few things in order, like my will and testament.

To my dearest loved ones on GF, I leave the following:
> Danny – my liver and kidneys. It’s not in great condition, but you could find a use for it.
> My vuvuzela’s – There is one for Pugz, one for Bananas and one for Storm. Blow them loud and proud.
> My burqa – All yours ys. Wear it while you still can. ;)
> My toy guns – Pro
> My beloved Barney - Pam
> My soccer memorabilia - Goes to Hoes
> All the spiders in the tree outside my room (less Wolf, as he is dead - R.I.P) - Tucker
> My mother - all yours Bliss!!
> My FACE - well, I am gonna keep that one to the grave.

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