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Welcome to the GF version of the Royal Rumble. If you created a roster you must read the rules. Since we only have 30 wrestlers on our roster the Royal Rumble match will only have 20 wrestlers. Six of them will be from your Main Event guys, eight of them of your IC guys and three tag teams(meaning six overall wrestlers)

Please post the twenty wrestlers that your going to use in the Royal Rumble.

Now before the actual Rumble where going to have one match for the Championship belt, so choose two wrestlers from your Main Event guys that will be wrestling against each other tonight. We’ll also be holding a IC Title match, please list two wrestlers from your IC roster that will be wrestling for the IC Championship tonight. Same thing with the Tag Team division, we will be holding a tag team match. Please list the two tag teams that you have chosen to wrestle each other. Please list what type of matches they'll be having (e.g. ladder matche, table match ect.)

Now after you posted your matches, you’ll have to declare the winners of every matches, even the Rumble. You got to state how the match was won, was it via pinfall, submission, DQ etc. For the Rumble, please list your last two wrestlers and who is declared the winner.

Remember every winners will be your champion till Wrestlemania, and then the winner of the Rumble will wrestle the current champion at Wrestlemania.

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask me.


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World Championship Match: After a grueling submission match of 45 minutes Kurt Angle made Bret "The Hitman" Hart submit to the ankle lock to win his first ever World Championship belt.

Intercontinetal Championship Match: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat won the ladder match against Ultimo Dragon by pinning Ultimo for the 3 count after pulling off his finisher.

Tag Team Match: The Outsiders defeated Legion of Doom and retained their Tag Team championship belt. Scott Hall shocked Animal with a taser without the referee seeing it.

20 Men Royal Rumble Match: After an hour into the match there's only two wrestlers remaining in the match...Mr Perfect and Macho Man. It's been back and fourth action...none of them wants to lose this match and both have been doing everything in their powers to win it. But after a major mistake by Macho Man(going on the top ropes looking for the flying elbow, Mr Perfect won the Royal Rumble by getting up fast enough to throw Macho Man on the top rope.

Thanks for watching everyone.
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Ok! This took some time to do. I decided to try be creative as possible and go into detail with the booking. So here is the match card for the WCW (Wooly's Championship Wrestling :p) Royal Rumble:

Intercontinental Title Match:
Nigel McGuinness (c) vs Edge

Ladder Match for the Tag Team Title:
Shelton Benjamin & Kenny King (c) vs Motor City Machine Guns vs KENTA & Kota Ibushi

WCW Title Match:
Bryan Danielson (c) vs Austin Aries

Royal Rumble Match (Entrants in Order):
1. Jay Briscoe
2. Christian
3. Mike Quackenbush
4. Samoa Joe
5. Matt Jackson
6. Kenny Omega
7. Kurt Angle
8. Mark Briscoe
9. Jon Davis
10. Matt Sydal
11. Kory Chavis
12. Tyler Black
13. Davey Richards
14. Mr. Kennedy
15. Nick Jackson
16. John Morrison
17. D'Angelo Dinero
18. Chris Jericho
19. CM Punk
20. AJ Styles
Interconintental Title Match:
Very competitive match between McGuinness and Edge for the IC Title. MCGuinness taking a slow methodical approach to the match working over the shoulder of Edge, with the Bridging Rings of Saturn and the London Dungeon, trying to take out Edge's spear. McGuinness builds up a lot of momentum and looks to win the match with the Tower of London, but Edge counters with an Edge o Matic. As both men are down the no. 1 contender to face the winner of the match, Tyler Black makes his way down to the ring to observe his two possible opponents. Again McGuinness has a chance to win the match as he looks to hit Edge with the rebound jawbreaker lariat. As he hangs back off the middle rope Black hits him with a running kick to the head out of nowhere. Edge gets back to his feet and hits the dazed McGuinness with an Edgecution to win the match and the IC Title. As he celebrates Black enters the ring and hits him with God's Last Gift onto the championship belt. He lifts Edge's blood splattered belt and points towards the wrestlemania sign, when these two will face for the title!

Ladder Match for the Tag Team Title:
A perfect stipulation for these three high flying tag teams. Crazy spots in and out of the ring for this one with all teams taking huge risks. KENTA & Ibushi almost got their hands on their first tag team gold when Ibushi got his fingertips on the title, until Benjamin managed to hit him with Paydirt by jumping off the adjacent ladder, knocking him out cold. The Guns took out KENTA after Chris Sabin gave him a Cradle Shock onto a ladder outside the ring. Benjamin and Alex Shelley were the two superstars left climbing the ladder to grab the belts at the end and Benjamin manages to get their first after King hits a springboard dropkick to Shelley, knocking him off the ladder and retaining the Tag Title for King & Benjamin!

WCW Title Match:
Danielson really wanted to get his hands on Aries after weeks of attacks and cheap shots on the champion. The match started with danielson in complete control and going on a rampage on Aries until Aries dodges a suicide dive sending Danielson into the barricade, hurting Danielson's shoulder which Aries would work through the whole match, trying to make Daneilson tap with the Horns of Aries.. The match went back and forth until the end when Aries attempted to hit Danielson with a chair while the referee was down. Aries misses and Danielson hits Aries with the regalplex on to the chair in the middle of the ring, knocking Aries out cold and getting a slow 1-2-3 to retain his title!

Royal Rumble Match (Entrants in Order):

Samoa Joe was a force to be reckoned with in this years Rumble match, eliminating Briscoe, Christian and Quackenbush on entry to the match. Matt Jackson and Omega last mere seconds with Joe in the ring and he looks unstoppable this year. Kurt Angle manages to hold his own though and the two go at it. Jon Davis & Kory Chavis are the next major force in the match eliminating Mark Briscoe and Matt Sydal with ease. Tyler Black enters the match but is speared by Edge before entering the ring. He's rolled in to the ring by Edge and thrown right back out by the the Dark City Fight Club. After Davey Richards and AJ Styles are eliminated the match winds back down to Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. They face off and start brawling. Joe is about to clothesline Angle out of the ring, but he counters with a drop toe hold sending Joe into the ropes. As Joe gets up Angle hits an Angle slam, sending joe over the ropes, onto the apron and out of the ring. Angle wins his first Royal Rumble and he's going to face Danielson for the WCW Title at Wrestlemania!

Thank you for watching the WCW Royal Rumble! :D
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Bump! Anyone else gonna make out their Royal Rumbles? I thought this was great fun and i've already got some ideas for Wrestlemania :p


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Interconintental Title Match:

The first match of the Royal Rumble is an Interconintental Title Match between Mr. Perfect and Ted DiBiase. It's a no disqualification match, the reason behind the NO DQ match is because during the last month or so Million Dollar Man as been getting disqualified on purpose against Perfect so he doesn't lose the title. Not a lot of weapons are used in this match, the match even escalates in the crowd for a few minutes, both are exausted after the first 20 minutes of the match, there's been a few pinning attempts from both wrestlers but both have kicked out. Both of them have problem standing but their hitting each other with right hands, Perfect gets the edge, knocks down DiBiase with a right hand, DiBiase gets up right away, Perfect swings him to the ropes then Perfect connects with a drop kick, picks up and performs the Perfect Plex, 1, 2, 3. We have a new IC champion Mr. Perfect.

Tag Team Title

The Tag Team title match is between Demolotion and Big Show/Andre the Giant. Going into this match no one gave Demolition a chance since the size advantage went to the other tag team, but Demolotion stood their ground for most of the match, Ax even body slammed the Big Show, he went for the cover for Andre the Giant stepped in and broke up the count. Big show and Andre the Giant used a lot of dirty tactics when the referree wasn't looking, and after a while they were just to much for Demolition. Ax and Smash both got the choke slam from Big Show and Andre and they were out for the count. New Tag Team Champions Andre the Giant and Big Show are the new Tag Champs.

World Championship Match:

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold in an I Quit match, both of these wrestlers have put on great matches in the past and tonight is no different, it's back and forward between the to, they wrestle every in the arena none of them are ready to quit. Stone Cold was finally able to hit the stunner but he's to exausted to go for the cover and when he finally does Bret kicks out at 2 1/2. Bret regains control and was finally able to put Austin in the sharpshooter right in the middle of the ring, Stone Cold as no quit in him, but Bret doesn't let go. After two minutes in the Sharpshooter Austin can't take it anymore and finally quits.

Royal Rumble Match:

Kurt Angle and Ric Flair are the two first entries and in a real shocker Angle eliminates Flair during the first 30 seconds of the match. Angle is just on fire in this match eliminating everyone that gets in his way. There's one more entry and still four people in the ring, the last entry is Steamboat. The three more entries are Macho Man, Kurt Angle and Rowdy Piper. Macho Man takes a chance and hits the flying elbow off the top rope on Piper, Savage picks up Piper and throws him out of the ring. Steamboat and Savage have a history together and they don't like each other all that much, so they go at it. Angle takes the oppurtunity to recover a bit since he's been in the match for well over an hour. Steamboat finally gets the edge on Savage and throws him out of the ring. Angle sneaks up on Steamboat hits the Angle Slam, put him in the Angle Lock and then throws him out of the ring. Angle was the first one in and the last one standing in the ring. He's going to Wrestlemania to face Bret Hart.


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Looks like Kurt Angle is making everybody's Wrestlemania main event!!

Just wondering are we gonna go ahead with this? The Royal Rumble didn't get the biggest response, but we could continue on to wrestlemania anyways and even people who didn't do the rumble can do their WM cards.

I already have 2 matches booked, i think this is a lot of fun :p


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Oh wow. An E-fed. I used to do these things so much. I ran a few awhile back, I'd be keen to do a wrestlemanin form of this.


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I sent a message to Anthony to tell him that he was the only one left for the GF version of the Royal Rumble but he hasn't done anything in weeks. So I'm all for moving on to Wrestlemania. I'll create a new thread shortly.

Atreyu you can particpate if you like.