GF Stranger you'd get along with


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Spinoff from Hybrix's beer with GFer thread...

Which member here you don't really "talk to" (via PM, VM, chat, or any communication outside GF) but you think, based on his/her posts, if given an opportunity to get to know each other more, you'd get along really well?
I'd go with Blueyes or Ninjakitty. Blue because I think we relate to each other on a level most people could never understand, and Ninja because she seems like she'd be a blast to hang out with.
I have no idea cos I've never spoken to anyone here fullstop, but I've noticed I find myself agreeing with what hybrix and icegoat say quite a lot... a few others spring to mind too I guess but I dunno really :shifteyes:


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A lot of people... Angels came to mind first. I read her posts and I see a lot of my attitude in them. Syndicate because he is so funny. Blueyes too. I think I could get a long with most anyone on here that is either nice and funny or sarcastic. It would be easier to say who I wouldn't get along with honestly.


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Oooh_Snap would be first on the list, We have hardly talked, but I like her posts.

I'd love to meets Millz and Babe too. I always enjoy chatting with them but I haven't done it much


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There is something in almost everybody on this forum that I can relate to on some level or another, so it's hard to pick! I'll just list a few people that come to mind:

Angels - I love her attitude, and I find she often posts exactly what I was thinking.
ysabel - she also knows what it's like to be a girl that's "one of the guys"
Hiei & Syndicate - both remind me greatly of good friends I met on a different forum
Babe - he takes his drinking as seriously as I do, if not more so!


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I'm going to go with Hiei. We haven't spoken as much as we should/could but I feel we'd get along really well.


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Anyone who listens to Heavy Metal or Cuntry music or is a Motorhead like me I'd get along with very well.