[GF Records Signup] - Most Artistic Member


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Angelspeak gave me the idea for the thread.
Let's find out who is the most artistic member of GF!

1. To avoid voting by popularity of any member the photos should be PMed to me.
2. Submissions will be accepted till Wednesday 10:00 AM GMT+2.
3. Once the deadline comes, another thread will be created with a poll to vote for the best artistic member.
4. All photos submitted will be posted again on the voting thread.
5. The poll will consist of numbers corresponding the photos submitted.
6. One vote for one member
7. Any member can vote.
8. Poll will close a week later.

Any questions?


In need of Entertainment
"Artistic" as in actual art only? What about literature? Music? Theatre and drama?!

For shame...:shake:
Ah Chaos! You are just the one to get literature/music/theatre/drama thread sign ups :D

This one is only for art, yes, putting all arts into it will not bring out the best voting results.

I appoint you to make the other threads for the other categories, my man!