[GF Records Sign Up] - Best Writer March 2010


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Seeing as the previous contest didn't go as we hoped, whether it was short notice or unawareness or whatever, this time round it's gonna be better, allowing for more time to write the story (if you plan to submit a new one), and there will be more awareness of this contest taking place.

So here are the rules:
0. Only [red]Short Stories[/red] will be accepted.
1. Deadline for signing up is the 1st of March (12am GMT) - via this thread.
2. Submissions will be accepted via PM only till March 10th (12am GMT).
3. A submission can be a either a story already written or a new one.
4. Length of story no longer than 15,000 char (the max length of one GF post).
5. All entries will be anonymous.
6. Each entry will have it's own rating poll (1-10, 10 being the best) thus giving a more dynamic result, as apposed to choosing the best story among the entries.
7. Date of contest March 11th.
Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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I'm not so sure about the whole rating thing though. It's similar to movies and music in that a number doesn't tell you anything. With a piece of writing, I think we should have a list of criteria such as character strength, plot strength, clarity/detail strength, etc.


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:dunno: This argument could go in circles forever, of course. I say numbers work for me, because if the year I've just spent in Critical Theory has taught me anything, it's that different critics find different things appealing in art. In my opinion, a piece of writing is only "better" than another based on appeal; either the number of people it appeals to, or how much it appeals to a smaller audience. I think it's adequate for people to give it a rating, provided they can explain why they would do so.

For example, I personally hate it when ardent, budding writers fervently describe every exceptional, paramount noun and every grave, exigent verb with a staggeringly varied variety of feckless, inconsequential adjectives; some might call it attention to detail, however.

Character, plot, atmosphere, detail == Good writing,


Good writing =/= Character, plot, atmosphere, etc.


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I mean, a writing critique is one of the hardest things to do because they vary depending on story. There really are no solid ways to write a story, even grammar and spelling can be bent at the will of the writer. This means that there are essentially no rules to follow, only suggestions. Some stories have weak or vague characters on purpose.


I think it's very important that we stress this as a short story not a part of a bigger work or anything. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a writing workshop and seen the writer shoot down critiques because "it's only the first part of the series" or because "it's part of a bigger work." I really think we'll get better pieces and critiques if we don't have to sit and wonder more and more about the story's timing and place.