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Discussion in 'The Bathroom Wall' started by Boredie, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Boredie

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    The Best GF Writer March 2010 didn't work out as planned, for various reasons. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the competition itself isn't even worthy of being called "Best GF Writer" since one contest doesn't prove anyone being the best, only winning #1 in that particular contest.
    So here is what I've been thinking. And this applies to any of the Best GF contests (like art, that Impact is trying to get going).

    To have a "real" winner in such a contest, having just one submission from any one participant isn't enough to determine the best. So I think that Best GF competitions should work as follows:
    Taking for example the Best Writer competition:
    1. The competition itself will continue for a period of 6,9 or 12 months (depending on your feedback).
    2. The length of time allows the participants to submit anonymously more than 1 submission throughout the contest (via PM), while each and every submission (from any participant) will get its own voting poll, thus allowing to quantify the level of each participant (and his/her stories).
    3. The amount of submissions in any competition will be fixed.
    4. Submissions will be submitted at any given time throughout the contest via PM and will be put up for voting the latest 24 hours later. It shouldn't matter when the submissions/polls take place because the submission are anonymous and the amount of submissions are limited.
    5. Each poll will be open for no longer than 3 weeks (thus if there is a new poll on the last day of the competition - that poll will extend the competition for that submission alone for the full 3 weeks it's entitled to.)
    6. By the end of the competition there will be enough submissions from the participants that it will give a better idea of who is really the Best (according to the polls).
    7. There will not be a deadline for signing up for these competitions, because the contest lasts so long, it doesn't matter that a new participant joins in the middle.
    8. If a participant fails to submit enough submissions - it is their own problem and only mean that they will need higher voting results in the submissions that have been polled.

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and I would like to have feedback from you guys on this matter.
    I'll remind you again, that this idea can be implemented for any of the Best GF competitions.

  2. FindMuck

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    Post this in suggestions so it will get some real attention.
  3. Merc

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    Or you could offer your own opinion. This is the most popular section of the forums kid, she picked the right spot.

    Boredie, the problem is that people are being lazy. Plenty of sites have monthly contests for best writers. Problem is, the writing section here is not popular. We either need to recruit more writers or encourage more to write. I think having a period of time longer than a month is lame. To me, it's simple:

    The writing contest for a specific month starts on day 1. So April's contest starts on April Fool's day meaning pieces must be submitted by the night before the start of the month. Submissions will be voted on and read all month and at the end of the month, the winner is picked. I believe it's also a good idea to have a theme for each month. For example:

    April - Romance
    May - Drama
    June - Comedy
    July - Science Fiction
    September - Kid's story (from the point of view of a younger person)
    October - Horror
    November - Historic fiction
    December - Nonfiction

    This will force writers to work outside of their element and explore new areas. It means people will become better writers by experimenting and learning new grounds. It will also encourage new writers by offering a common ground for everyone to write from. I also think we should choose two or three contest organizers who will offer prizes. We can start with simple items such as online giftcards for 5-10 bucks for the winner.

  4. FindMuck

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    I was trying to make a helpful suggestion, so that it might be taken more seriously as I think that this is a good idea. As you will see by what I posted in the suggestion forum, I know that. You really didn't need to do this.
  5. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    Thanks for your idea. But I'm not sure this thread is categorized as a site suggestion. It could, depends how you look at it. But since all threads related to GF Book of Records have been posted here I didn't want to take the presumption that it was worthy of being put in the suggestions forum.

    Having a monthly contest to see who wins that contest, imho, is not the same as trying to determine the "best" overall, which cannot be determined in a monthly contest. And since I would like to see unique GF records listed, I feel having an overall result better for what I'm trying to achieve.
    But, if your idea is popular, having a monthly contest on different subjects, they still can be added up at the end of the year (for example) to determine the best, by seeing how high they scored on each of their pieces.

    It's not much different from my idea of an elongated contest.
    The main differences are:
    there will be a monthly entry (as opposed to whenever during the period of the elongated contest)
    each piece will have a month to vote on (as opposed to 3 weeks which I suggested)
    A Theme a month (as opposed to, a theme a submission - though I didn't mention that in the original idea, it could still work).

    What I find in your suggestion is the problem which will arise (just like with March's) when there was no point in carrying out the contest due to lack of participants. If we want to make sure that the contests won't effect the number of participants/submissions each time, we need to allow for each member to submit when they have the time to do so (with the only limitation of the length of the contest), will enable more activeness from the members (imho).
    The prize ideas can definitely encourage more participants, and I'm all for that.
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  6. FindMuck

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    Duly noted about the thread location.

    This being a writing competition and me being someone who isn't a native English speaker, I was wondering how people who are not completely fluent in English could be able to compete on even ground with people that are?

    Just wondering because I would love to participate in this but I know that my grammar is somewhat suspect at times, and I sometimes haven't got the vocabulary to properly express myself.
  7. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    It's not only an idea for a writer's competition, but an idea for any competition to determine the BEST.
    eg: writing, art, music, and other talent shows.

    Now, regarding your question, perhaps we can make up a writers' contest for foreigners (i.e English is not their mother tongue).
  8. FindMuck

    FindMuck Registered Member

    Ill get to work then!
  9. Impact

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    Perhaps once the Art Comp that is going on now has finished, if there was enough submission in this one, I could run another one, and this could go towards a best artist record. Or the winner could just get the record of winner of art comp # 1, or best *insert the theme here* artist. I dunno, tell me what you think Boredie, i'm just throwing out some ideas.

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