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Alright, in reply to something Sui said in the 'Shwa thread about not having enough room in his sig for something Corona said, I've decided we should have a thread devoted (almost) entirally to quotes.

One rule:

1) Every post you make here has to have a quote in it. No simple "lol, that one was hilarious", everyone has to contribute.

2) It can be old stuff too.'

EDIT: 3) Don't quote yourself! It can be a response to a post of yours, but not a post you personally made.


No offense Blur, but that's some of the most ignorant shit I've ever heard.
Kazmarov said:
Don't bruise Corona's ego. Egos are to be stroked gently, like kittens...or genitalia, you perverts.

Thats right bitches...this is because of me, enjoy it, bask in it, and realize that without my pathetic obsession with quotes, and Kazmarov's creativity (even if it was stolen from me) you wouldn't have this. Be thankful, bow down, and enjoy.


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BRAVO !!!!! The guy should get a medal, I hope he tortured the flea bitten sacks of ecrement before hw killed them. Why dont you eat them ?
Wait . . . for a guy that thinks words are vile and abusive when used against Christian faith, you're quite the hypocrite. You literally eat pussy? That's fucking gross.

You know Yukon, for a member who claims to be a holy man, you're quite the anal retentive, diahrea gargling, nun-bopping, child licking, bible-raping bitch.

Sorry, was that too "vile" for you?
Old memories...