GF Poll


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Could we try a new poll? I always see the boy/girl one and hope there'll be a new one.

I'll be happy to think some up if it helps.


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Well we need a new age one for sure. It's really out of date.

The male/female one could stay, 'cos it's not like our genders are going to change overnight. But the age one is annoying.


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Yeah a new age one would be good. Maybe we could get one along the lines of how long you've been active at GF. See how many people actually stick around :dunno:


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I was talking about the one on the front page, that says are you a boy or girl.

I was thinking of putting something like.. Are you more of a Democrat or Republican?


Do you rather American Football or Football?


rainbow 11!
Well. I think the gender one shouldn't be replaced, but done again since I am sure a lot of members who aren't active voted.

But a new age one for sure.