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Photos GF Picture Thread 2013


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Steg posted. It actually happened.

Fuck yeah!


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I'm pretty sure I had no idea what Ginock looked like, except that he's a redhead.


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GF has some good looking people! :nod:

Karaoke night in one of the gay bars in town:

Yes...it's Amy Winehouse's Valerie.

I dabble in photography - here's one of the photos of a collection I call Bright Lights, City Sights:

Here's my reaction whilst playing ZombiU in a particularly terrifying part of the game:

totally legit, honest :sick:

And some bonus content:

Yes, I was a child once!

Land ahoy~!


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A fairly recent one, taken in December. I'm thinking of letting the beard grow glorious once again.


Living in Ikoria
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That's how it should be! haha gotta represent the greatest baseball franchise in unenlightened parts of the world that like "futbol."