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Photos GF Picture Thread 2013


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
New year, new thread. :madame:

Taken at NYE's party.

Now post YOUR pictures. GO! :bolt:


I ♥ Haters
Ohai, 2013 Picture Thread. I took this on a whim last night while painting my toenails and watching Star Trek on my laptop... and doing nothing else. Ya hear me, Melnyk, you sick bastard?

Also, Di, is QB wearing Sheldon's lightening bolt shirt from TBBT?


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Ready for some league tennis in 2013. Seasrching desperately for a job. I need that much worse so this playing during the day may not last.



still nobody's bitch
Yes, Sam, she sure is

P.S. what's a-happenin, hot stuff


rainbow 11!

couple pics from last night... I was pretty drunk.
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Living in Ikoria
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couple pics from last night... I was pretty drunk.
I could tell from the one eye open one eye closed pic! :lol:

Also, your sentence makes you sound like Bizzy. You are definitely his apprentice.


rainbow 11!
lol I don't do it as often. mostly in between semesters and occasionally during (just so I don't go insane)