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(It took me a long time to find the ideas & support section.. should it be under Introductions forum?)

As one logs in, is it possible to add an option of how long their session will last?
Many times when replying to a thread, it takes a long time to write it as you think of the best way to answer, which results in many cases that by the time one is ready to click the post reply button you have to re-login and you lose everything you typed.
One can use notepad to make sure you don't lose your reply, but it's easier to type in the GF reply box, and knowing you have chosen to log in [for example] for 3 hrs, you won't have that problem of your session ending before you finished typing a response.


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Check the box that says "Remember Me" when logging in. That will store a cookie on your computer instead of using a timed page by page session.