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Movies GF Movie Review Club - Week 4: Smokin' Aces


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My review is gonna be a little late. I tried watching this on YouTube but my internet is being really crappy lately, which is why I can't download it either. Hopefully it sorts itself out in the next couple days so I can review it.


Yay! Finally a film I actually have so I can join in on the reviews. Even though I have the film I have never watched it before so this is a review from a first-time viewing.

To me this film was basically a mix of Oceans Eleven, Sin City and every Tarantino ever made. Unlike the films I just mentioned however Smokin' Aces just couldn't pull it off.

I can appreciate an over the top use of violence and outlandish visuals in many films and usually quite enjoy it, but all of this aside a film still needs to be connected at the roots by a good story and characters. This is where I think Aces fails. The story was a bizarre jumble and even when concentrating your hardest it was extremely difficult to follow. The fact that they had to have a scene at the end explaining everything proves to me that the film itself knew that it was too complicated to just follow as you were watching it.

A lot of this film was really fun to watch however, and the violent scenes in particular well well-made and quite brutal. I generally love films about assassins, hit-men etc but I just didn't connect with any of the characters here. If I don't care about any of the people in the film then I find it really hard to see the film as anything more than mindless trash. But maybe that is what they were going for?

In the end I'm going to give this a 5 for the fun times I had in the violent scenes and for the relationship between Georgia and Sharice which is the only part of the film that almost had me caring about someone. I can't go any higher than that though for the shamble of a story and that little ninja kid with that grandmother. Seriously what was that?

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Ive already told Imp, but my review will be late for this and probably the next few because Im waiting for the internet to get set up at my new place.


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Better late than never.

I actually quite enjoyed this film. Of course, opening with a shot of Ryan Reynolds is never a bad thing in my opinion, and as he frequently pops up throughout the movie I can't get too mad when the story doesn't quite add up in places. Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia's performances were good, a little Alicia Keys in there for eye candy and Martin Henderson to top it off. It had a really good cast (ignoring the fact Ben Affleck was in it). The part where Israel is Sparazza's son, who is actually Heller was a little too obvious for my liking, and if you really needed the explanation at the end to help you out...well I don't actually have words for you. So yeah, I enjoyed it and for that it gets a 7/10

I can see now i'm gonna be the nice lenient person who gives high ratings. :lol:


Too much Affleck-hate in here for my liking. Haha. I suggest Hollywoodland & The Town. He's really good in both, especially the latter.