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Movies GF Movie Review Club - Week 4: Smokin' Aces


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A recentish action thriller thing. I think it could generate some decent reviews. Whether good or bad.



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What's good about these threads is that they force me to watch things I would never choose to. I just hope my internet gets activated soon haha.


Sally Twit
I am not feeling great about this one. I saw Ben Affleck's name and I threw up in my mouth. I really don't like him at all and try to avoid him.
I'll watch because I like our little review club, but I'm dreading it.

Alicia Keys acting will be interesting to see.

I'll probably get it over with this weekend and submit my review on Sunday.


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Oh, I remember watching this ages ago. I think I may actually have a copy of it somewhere so that'll save me downloading it. From what I remember I enjoyed it, and I kinda liked the second one too


Definitely the weakest of the movies picked so far. I'm not looking forward to watching this again. I'll have my review up by early next week.


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I like dragging folks out of their comfort zone for something like this. It's always funny.

And as for Affleck, yes he's usually a bit of a plank. But I think you'll find his performance in this bearable.


Sally Twit

Confusing or what?

Half of the time I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. People were getting killed left, right and centre and I had no idea why.
Don't get me wrong, the killing was entertaining and I love films loaded with guns and violence.. But there was just way too much going on.
It was flipping from one group of people to another group and I just found it difficult to concentrate.

The highlight of the film for me was Ben Affleck's character getting killed. I can't stand the prick so that was satisfying for me.

I think the film had too many main character's and it felt like it was over before it even began.

The 4 I gave the film is purely for the action. I didn't like the story. I loved the shoot outs but the whole thing just seemed rush.


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As far as action goes it scores well. It's got a certain style to it that helps the plot at least seem a little more realistic, or bearable, than it actually is. Certain characters in it win through, particularly Ryan Reynold's troubled fed, or the weird, thoughtful member of the Tremors gang. Or the downright creepy, professional Lazlo Soot.

It's a strange film. Dumping this many assassins in one place seems overdone. But I suppose there's a charm to it. The entertainment value is up there, along with the cringeworthiness of it. From disembowelings from chainsaws to metal spikes being horrifically shot up arms from the wrist, this film has a few moments in it that will stick in the mind. And a few moments where the action will give way for a bit of cool chatter or sombre meaninglessness in the form of Buddy 'Aces' Israel in full blown depression.

As a film goes it's definitely watchable. I mean, as far as action-quirky-drama-odd-things go, it bundles together so much information and so much scenery that it's hard no to like it. And the confusing nature of it doesn't put me off, it makes me want to watch it again and take in the bits I'm bound to have missed.

It's effective, I mean fair enough, it's not as structured as your average hit action film, but it's there somehow. It maintains a charm and that's what I like about this film. It's unique bloody charm. I think it deserves a bit of credence, it is not the worst thing ever made, by a long long way.

If you liked these, you'll like this:
Shoot 'Em Up
The Transporter (Perhaps the Third one)
Death Race

Summary:An action film with a difference, and guts. Lots of guts
Rating: 6.5/10
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Last day, and only one review in? Get on it people.
Where's yours, woman? :p

I just finished watching it. I take back a few negative things I said about it... but only a few.

The good: Lots of action. A bunch of good/well known actors. I really enjoyed Reynolds & Liotta. Common and Keys were also good. Not to mention that Keys looked incredible in this movie. Jason Bateman was hilarious in his small role.

The bad: Ben Affleck died WAY too early. It came as a shock (the first time I watched it), so I'll give it a few points for that. Haha. The story was weak in places and there were a couple of acting performances that were horrendous.

The ugly: Jeremy Piven attempting to be a convincing mobster. :lol:
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