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Movies GF Movie Review Club: Week 3 - Brick


Tamer Of The LOLzilla

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

Synopsis: Brendan, a highschool loner, receives a vague phonecall from his ex-girlfriend who claims to be in some sort of trouble. When she turns up dead a few days later he decides to infiltrate the world she left him for to find out why.

You have until Thursday to review this detective film set in a high school :)


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Fucking awesome, i've been wanting to watch this film for a while. Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3


Oh geez, now I'm 3 movies behind. Oh well tomorrow is my last day of school. I'll have 2 and a half weeks to watch movies so I will be able to catch up.


Nice. I watched this for the first time a few years ago. I definitely look forward to seeing it again.


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An interesting film without a doubt of a shadow.

If you've seen it, and I suggest you do, you'll notice that it has a very specific style. Enough to have it lumped into the category of 'modern film noir' - Automatically this made me think of Roman Polanski's Chinatown. In comparison it's nothing close to matching the style of that film, but nonetheless there's style in it's presentation. And that's what I'm all about - presentation, imagination and entertainment.

In those three aspects, it falls short on the 'imagination' - If this was shot in a different way, like a bog-standard mainstream film, it'd look awful like an episode of Silent Witness or something. It's the presentation that creates it, makes it something more and also makes it entertaining - although that isn't just held together by the substance of the story, that's imprinted with odd moments of memorable footage. Such as the loud sound of big shoes on concrete followed by a 'heavies' bonce crashing into a lamppost.

In all I quite enjoyed the trek down a different film's path. Especially for something made in 2005 in which every other film was probably a remake, a cash-in or some bollocks ridden romcom.

It has merits, but as a film noir piece it doesn't fair as well as it probably should. As given the choice, I'll be seeking out Chinatown every time.

If you liked this, you'll also like:
Donnie Darko - (Says it on the box)
Requiem for a Dream
The Dark Knight - (It's detective-y)

Summary: It's pretty good. It's well worth a watch or two.
Rating: 7.5/10
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Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Review 3 - Brick
From the outset Brick races a long with stylish shots and cool dialogue. The characters often speak in unusual ways and you may not catch everything first time around. Levitt gives an amazingly intense performance as the borderline obsessive smart guy. What makes it stand out do much is how he fully showcases both the cool laid back persona Brendan is trying to create for himself as well as the angry, bitter and stubbourn guy he is deep down. It's always good to see a fully fleshed out protagonist.

It's clear that a lot of time was dedicated the production of this because every shot seems to be carefully thought out. When you pair this level of detail with the lightening fast wit of the dialogue you end up with something unstoppably watchable. It takes elements of the old noir films and then contemporises it with the setting. On paper a highschool may not be the ideal setting for a detective story but it fits together surprisingly well.

Conclusion: It's fast paced and somewhat unusual dialogue may prove to be a bit much to keep up with for some but that does not mean it's inaccesible. Also those who are willing to rewatch it are bound to pick up new things every time. Brick is well written, well acted and overall well executed.

8 / 10
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I finished watching this earlier. I had to take two attempts to watch it. A warning first: this is not a film to watch high. The slightly strange dialogue, and the way the film flows is not good for a high mind. However, on second viewing I really enjoyed it. It's the kind of film I like; not making a whole lot of sense until the very end when everything falls into place. I like feeling lost and not being able to figure out what is going to happen. Most films are predictable so when one pops up that leaves me guessing it's going to get high marks from me. The addition of Gordon-Levitt makes it even better.



Finally found this online, the credits are currently rolling...

The good: This film kept my interest throughout.Good story and Gordon-Levitt did a great job. I also enjoyed some of the minor characters as well. What does Laura whisper to him at the end? Or is that one of those things we're left to wonder about and never get a definite answer to? Haha.

The bad: Not a whole lot. I guess if I had to choose a flaw, it's that sometimes I had a hard time believing some of these characters were high school students.

The ugly: Tug. His character annoyed me throughout the film. The way he talked, the way he walked, the way he dressed... all bad. Haha.
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aka ginger warlock
My Review:

Before I start this review I will warn you I will probably sound negative in this review. This film is not a bad film, the concept is not a bad concept its the story and the telling of I dislike.

The story is a very simple revenge story but the problem of it was so all over the place, I hated the flash backs, I hated the constant camera cuts from one person to another so much I wanted to scream "I am sure there is a story in here somewhere but just tell it without constantly cutting! USE A F**KIN TRIPOD FOR GODS SAKE".

The other problem I had was the story seemed VERY contrived. When a story teller starts using multiple characters and multiple names to try to tell what is a very basic story it makes me worry.

So the good sides (they do exist), the script was very tight and the delivery was also very very good and I can see all the actors involved going onto bigger and better things, Joseph Gordon-Levitt really played this very well and considering he had the majority of the lines he did very well (though I have just found out he played Tommy from Third Rock from The Sun to which I raised my eyebrows).

The lighting was also well done as well as the selections of scenes and you could tell the director was worrying and wanting to organize everything in exactly the way he wanted to.

The thing is though is this, these kids are meant to be of high school age, I only assume this because a lot of what happens centres around a high school. How on earth do they get in this? Maybe I am just very closed off, I went to school in a very rural area and don't really have much knowledge but where were the parents in all this? Did it not seem a bit odd that The Pins mum was not in the least bit curious as to what was going on? The only connection with the school seems to be near the end and that only seemed to be to push the story along.

It probably sounds like I hate this film, I don't, I like it in the same way I liked Kids, Elephant & Bully and if Rian Johnson didn't take advice from Gus Van Sant & Larry Clark or at the very least took them as an inspiration I would be very surprised.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
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