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GF Movie Review Club - Ratings Overview

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This thread is a list of all the movies the movie review club has watched so far, with their overall ratings and links to the individual reviews.

If you are interested in joining the review club, or need a recap of the rules, see this thread

Films Review So Far:

Children of Men
The Book of Eli
Smokin Aces
The Mist
American History X
Waltz With Bashir
Little Miss Sunshine
Ned Kelly
Animal Kingdom

Children of Men - 6.9/10

Individual Reviews:

KSpiceFantastic - 7.5/10
HalfEatenSurprise - 9/10
Bliss - 7/10
ginock - 5.5/10
Impact - 7/10
Altanzitarron - 6/10
Konshentz - 6/10
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