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Movies GF Movie Review Club 2.0 - Week 3

Which movie do you want to review?

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Well-Known Member
This time round it is ginock's movie choices, and the 2 he has picked for us are:

Trainspotting - 1996

Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of friends. Directed by Danny Boyle. Starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller.

Shallow Grave - 1994

Three friends discover their new flatmate dead but loaded with cash. Directed by Danny Boyle. Starring Kerry Fox, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston.

So, get voting people!


Sally Twit
Both are great films but I know that people would have most likely watched Trainspotting and not Shallow Grave. Shallow Grave should be watched too so I voted for that.


aka ginger warlock
I will watch both as I have not seen them in some time but I also voted for Shallow Grave.


Creeping On You
I saw trainspotting way back in my life. I voted for Shallow Grave, because I haven't seen that one.


Babeasaurus Sex
I'm going to watch them both regardless but I went for trainspotting.


Trainspotting was a great book so I voted for the movie.

But I guess we're watching Shallow Grave. No biggie.


Well-Known Member
I'm keeping this open another week. Due to me slacking, and by the looks of things, you slacking as well, this hasn't got much attention. Get on those reviews guys.

I will be PMing one of you for next weeks picks soon, and I have an idea up my sleeve for a trilogy special that I might need some input on too.


Sally Twit
My review is below.

If any of you are struggling to watch this because you can't download it, it's available on Youtube in six parts and the quality is very good.
Here are the links:
Shallow Grave 1994 part 1 - YouTube
Shallow Grave 1994 part 2 - YouTube
Shallow Grave 1994 part 3 - YouTube
Shallow Grave 1994 part 4 - YouTube
Shallow Grave 1994 part 5 - YouTube
Shallow Grave 1994 part 6 - YouTube


What I enjoy most about this film is how fun the characters are. I love the scene where they are interviewing possible new flatmates. They are the kind of people you want to live with.
The first time I ever watched this film I was immediately drawn in by the opening credits. The music was fast paced but what you could see was eery. Taking you in to a forest in between shots of the town. I was interested from the start.

One thing I didn't find believable was their reaction to finding the dead body. One of them would have at least screamed, shrieked or ran out. You wouldn't just stare like that.
However, the events that followed were great. Finding that money and just sitting with it. How many of us have imagine that scenario and what we'd do?
One of the other things I like is that I can actually believe the story. Some people would have it in them to cut up a body and hide it. Greed gets the better of some people.

As soon as it cuts to the scene where the gangsters are torturing a man to find out where Hugo is, you can tell it's only a matter of time until the film really really pick up. And it's exciting to wait and see what's round the corner as you continue to watch.

When David is smashing Hugo's FACE in with the hammer I couldn't help but wonder what that'd do to a person. There'd be no turning back. He cut up a human body. You then see him lying in bed and he looks quite scary. I wanted to know what was going through his mind and if he was slowly going to go insane.
It then cuts to Alex and he is watching TV and laughing like a normal person. Even witnessing something so horrifying he could just carry on like normal. Maybe he was a bit insane too.

Juliet and Alex are too busy enjoying the money and the rush but they didn't what David saw. They didn't get close and do all of the awful things he had to do. So yeah, I did find it interesting that even being a part of that they could just carry on without a care in the world. I wonder if other people could do the same thing if found in the same situation.

The music makes me feel on edge throughout the film because I know the gangsters are getting closer and I know that at any moment they could kick down the door.
And the fact that they don't know it's coming makes it even better.
I had no idea that David would end up murdering them. It was a brilliant twist. And here the three of them were again, disposing of bodies... But this time it was different. David wasn't scared and struggling to do the deed. He did it easily. Now it was him we needed to be scared of.

The best part of the film? The ending of course! All three friends betraying each other. They were so close at the start, and so distant at the end. It was fantastic.
Completely unexpected and one of the best endings to any film I've ever seen.