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Movies GF Movie Review Club 2.0 - Week 1

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4/10 :stare:

First, a few notable clichés that I never want to hear in any movie:
“A wise man once told me.”
“I paid you because you’re the best in the business.”
“If there’s one thing I learned…”
“There’s only one man that can get us that amount in that short time”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

I admit to being a little surprised at the pensive, reflective tone the movie took on. The inner monologue was decent for about 35% of the movie, trite for the rest. Ritchie made a decent Byronic hero but I think he picked the wrong actor. I spent half of the movie thinking about how Statham looked like Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister from Motorhead…and the other half thinking about how much better it would have been had Lemmy actually played that part.

As per Ritchie’s formulas, yeah they gave the character jobs to do; the gangsters had funny monikers; there were “special tricks” Green learned in prison (replace “prison” with any other historical antecedent); the main character has a quirk—he hates elevators, and that is a metaphor for not liking to be trapped in a situation;

Character motivation was a little short-circuited at times. Ray Liota spent the whole movie screaming and babbling at Paul while Paul was the coolheaded one, only to find out that Paul gets “excited” and overzealous? Maybe their chemistry was supposed to be more intricate and I’m simplifying them. But still, they all seemed like cardboard cutouts—save Sorter. Sorter was my favorite character even though he was only in a few scenes. This coming from a movie fan of Jason Statham, because I can’t tell you how many times I watched the first Transporter film. I was bored by Jason the whole way through. I drew tears in my eyes when Sorter shot Paul and then was trying to calm the girl down with, “This is just a game the grown-ups play. I want you to get in the car and put your fingers in your ears, and it will be over before you know it.” I was sad to see him die. He was the only character that leapt off the screen because he was more multifaceted and three-dimensional than the others.

Ritchie robs us of developing the feelings of revenge. They just fill us in on the way. “What’s this character’s motivation for revenge?” – “Uh, they killed his brother’s wife.” – “Oh. Couldn’t they have done a time jump? Maybe started the movie there? Maybe find a way to involve that vengeful emotion and bring it to life?” – “No, I’d prefer to just repeat chess metaphors ad nauseam and fill the screen with Ray Liota’s shirtless tanning scenes.”

So here’s the thing: Ritchie tried to use an old formula—not his, but a formula that he made his own with Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and RocknRolla. I think he tried to please his fans by giving Revolver the Ritchie flavor, but only a few pinches so as to not make it too saccharine for those who want something more. For newcomers (and Ginock’s review bolsters my claim) there wasn’t enough Ritchie flavor to make it a cohesive, stylish, and inspiring film. It’s just full of spacey psychobabble! And where did the overlapped animation come and then go? That threw me off entirely because for a minute I thought, “Oh cool, it’s going to take me down the rabbit hole and go full-out trip. This might be interesting.” Then poof, no more overlapped animation.

Now, I did giggle a little at some lines. I liked the Ray Liota yelling, “Why don’t you just rape me, Paul?!?!?!” It certainly had its moments. The last 25% of the movie moved at a swifter pace, like a kayak finally bobbing down gentle rapids and past pleasant scenery. The fact that Green’s duo turned out to be the guys from prison was cute—not surprising—just cutely played.

This seriously feels like a rough-draft of a movie. It feels like I stumbled across it on the editor’s computer and I’m expecting him to walk in with a sandwich in his hand and say, “Oh, hang about—I just stepped out for lunch and am not yet done with that.”

I feel crestfallen at the fact that Ritchie has now turned people off by this film and that they are now less likely to check out his earlier films.

Afterthought: Why don’t movie gangsters wear bullet-proof vests more often than not?
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I ♥ Haters
Okay, I’ve been home all day so I got a chance to watch this and here’s my review:

When watching a Guy Ritchie movie, you come to expect odd twists and turn, but as Revolver lagged on, it just became a convulted mess, to me at least. I thought it was a piece of crap. First off, It tries WAY too hard to be complex, deep, metaphorical and smart than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong tho, the concept and message in this movie are great, it’s just the execution is piss poor. It left me confused but not intrigued. I get it – Mr. Gold = Ego and Greed. See? If I can figure that out, you’re not as smart as you think you are. Not just that, I felt like Ritchie was trying to pawn off Kabbalah to the viewers. Did anyone else catch on to the subtle religious symbolism and numerology? Keep your fucking religion to yourself, alright? That pretty much killed the movie for me. Secondly, I hated the cast. Jason Statham – half my brain turns off. Then I see the dude from OutKast (Andre 3000 or whatever the fuck his name is) – the other part of my brain turns off. Even Ray Liotta came across as mediocre. The only good thing this movie had going for it was Mark Strong. Overall, I thought it was boring.

If you find this movie entertaining, then good for you. To each their own. But for me, this is one of those movies that’s good from far, but far from good. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this movie a 3.


Any movie with Jason Statham not running around and firing guns has obviously miscast him. I didn't like Revolver at all. I know it's stupid to blatantly not like a movie but I did not like Revolver. It just seemed like an overly complex and convoluted mess of a movie that wanted to so bad to be deep and meaningful and the big old twist was basically revealed at the start so there you go.

4/10 Just because Jason Statham is a badass.


Well-Known Member
Remember, the next movie is going to be up for voting on Friday, but you still have another week to review this one. I'll be submitting my review in the next couple days.



I didn’t get the best impression of this film, although part of that could be due to the disjointed nature in which I watched it which I know is far from ideal. As much as I tried I just couldn’t sit down and watch this all in one go. I ended up watching it in three different parts over a few days. I like some crime/gangster type films but this one really didn’t do it for me. I didn’t really like any of the actors and I just didn’t care enough about the characters and what they were going through to care about the film.

The voice-overs in this annoyed me as well. I usually like films that are being narrated but this one seemed to have voice-overs every two minutes. And the voice-overs were quite corny as well, almost as if they were written in parody of what this type of voice-over should be. I did find some things in this film interesting. My love of the game chess meant I was somewhat captivated by how the game was woven into the film, and I loved that the main character had a fear of going in lifts, which is something I share with him. Overall I really didn’t know what was going on in this film half the time. This could have been my fault of course, since I watched it in three different parts but the plot felt messy to me.



Babeasaurus Sex
Revolver did NOT set my world on fire. I am a huge Ritchie fan and to me this feels like he tried too hard to be "serious" There were some clever moments - The elevator thing for example - it was a nice metaphor. For the most part though I found it, well, dull. There was no spark - no honest fun. I just felt a little cheated.

I kinda agree with steg about the unfinished film thing.

Bit sad now that I've watched it actually...I really WANTED to enjoy it.

Just a 4/10 for me. Only because it made me giggle at some points and I think Jason's a hottie. :-/


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I was disappointed with this film - 3.5/10

I expected a lot more after some great Ritchie films


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I didn't get to watch this film again, but as i've seen it a couple times before I can give it a brief review.

I love this movie. I love Statham, I love Ritchie and I was surprisingly impressed with Andre Benjamin. I first watched this when it first came out, and at the time I was so confused that I had to watch it again. It had everything that I want a movie to have. 9/10

Also, a reminder that reviews are still open for another week, even though the next movie is up already.


Sally Twit
I make notes as I'm watching the film so it might look as though I've contradicted myself a bit.


I thought the opening quotes were lame. I do like that used in films but there's no need to do more than one.

The narrator shouldn't have been Jason Statham. He doesn't have the voice for it. Obviously he was speaking about himself sometimes but I didn't find it necessary. Ray Liotta would have been the better choice. He has a great voice. That said, the voice over didn't feel necessary for this film.

I'm glad Jason Statham spoke in his normal voice and not the ridiculous American accent he fails to pull off.

Sometimes I felt the music in the film was poorly used. For example when he fell down the stairs. I think that scene would have been better if it just went completely silent. The slow motion effect was good, though.

13 minutes in and I was very confused. I felt like I needed to start the film again because I wasn't following it. I decided to keep watching as I thought things might make sense later on in the film.
30 minutes in I was feeling bored. I liked the character's and the violence but I just wasn't feeling it. I normally like films that keep me guessing but this just felt poorly written.

I didn't understand why parts of the film were animated at random times but I did find it quite cool.
I liked the slow motion part where he went flying through the windscreen in reverse. It's a shame there wasn't more of that and less of the confusing dialogue. I could not follow the story no matter how hard I tried. It would jump from different character's doing different things and I had no idea how they got there.

Again, the quotes coming up at random moments during the film felt pointless.

I'm struggling to stick to a rating because there were parts I enjoyed, particularly with the guns, but the story was not good. It jumped around too much. Most of the conversations that took place went right over my head and I just felt lost throughout.

OK so the big reveal was disappointing. Seems the narration was there for a reason but this film is not as clever as it was supposed to be or could have been. I wouldn't watch it again.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla

You've got to hand it to Guy Ritchie for at least attempting to do something different with the "Hard man out of jail" story. The problem is that it doesn't make a lot of sense. Statham's protagonist moves a long from each situation to the next seemingly unclear exactly why he is and the audience shares his confusion. His inner monologue is annoying and becomes even more so when it takes on a role of it's own.

Sometimes when a film leaves you feeling unclear about what exactly happened you feel inspired to watch again and fit everything together but that is not the case with Revolver. The cast do a solid enough job of acting and it all moves a long at the sort of slick cool pace you'd associate with the genre but once it gets into head games and paranoia the whole narrative falls apart.

Conclusion 3 / 10: There's some good ideas in here somewhere but they're not good enough to make it worth sorting through the messy presentation.