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GF members: who would you eat?


Lion Rampant
Imagine that everyone who frequents GF is marooned in a huge lifeboat together, where weeks of starvation drive us all to madness and cannibalism. Whose chestnuts would you want to see roasting on an open fire? Is there one member that you think might taste better than everyone else? Been yearning to feast on the liver of an enemy? Tell us who you'd vote to give the Fried Green Tomatoes cook-'em-up treatment and why.


Registered Member
Nobody. I'd sooner damn die than eat anydamnbody.


Registered Member
Didn't we have a discussion about this fairly recently? I seem to remember weirding people out by how much I'd analyzed it.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
can't help but think perverted things at this threads title haha


Sally Twit
"Whose chestnuts would you want to see roasting on an open fire?"

Jeanie's. I mean win.


Registered Member
OK, after seeing Ashton's photo and re-reading the thread title, I will change my thinking and I will definitely "eat" me some Ashton :)


rainbow 11!
who was annoying me the most


Registered Member
I'd most definitely eat Smel. =) All the alcohol that goes through his body, we could get straight drunk from eating his liver!