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GF Meetup


aka ginger warlock
I have had a quick search and couldn't find a post already created for this but I wondered if a meetup has ever occoured on General Forum? I notice a few people know each other quite well and talk outside GF (I would like to do the same) but has a meetup ever been done before? Obviously something like this would take quite a bit of planning but I think it would be quite nice to do something like this - I promise I am not an axe murderer :D


rainbow 11!
Actually, we have a whole section in VIP. Lol and yes, there has been one big one and a few small ones. I have met two members so far.


You have to become a VIP to see the threads in VIP section. There you'll see pictures and discussions about the forum's meetups.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
You can start a thread in Premium (if you want it limited to more longterm/active members) or in ST - open to all, if you are thinking of organising a meet up or ask interest about it. I was there at the big meet up in 2009 in Chicago. Tucker flew from LA, Jeanie drove in from Michigan, Echoes is already in Chicago, SuiGeneris and Alyssa rode the bus from Kansas and I flew from Paris. That was fun!

The UK girls have been meeting up lately too.


Registered Member
I only met Vincent Valentine and Kaz when I was in their area, though they were one on one visits.

Very fun time though I would definitely would meet with them again if the opportunity arose.


Registered Member
I have yet to meet anyone from this site.

Kevin and Dan both live in the STL area and we have yet to meet. Though everyone always assumes we have met.

We need to meet up at either a Cards or Blues game guys.


Creeping On You
Provided money works out this summer, I'm planning to take a bus trip to ottawa this summer to party with bizzy and cass. Otherwise, any other members, I'd have a hard time ever visiting anyone else since they live in other countries and I don't have a passport or that kind of money.


Sally Twit
When me or Jeanie win the lottery we are meeting up. And Delaney is coming too. :D

I met Nixola a couple of years ago. There is a buried thread somewhere. It was fantastic. We plan on doing it again soon. We may also meet up again soon.


Lion Rampant
I hope to have a meetup Bliss, come late in the year. As it currently stands, I'm shooting for the middle part of November.


I'm serious
I've only met Echoes in Chicago, but would have made it to the UK meetup had it not been for work denying my leave. :(

I am hoping for a meetup sometime before March, whilst I am in the States and all.

*stares at twIni*