GF Meetup - Canadiana Edition


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Yeah, no, I'm full of crap. Like anyone wants to go to Canada. :lol:

Guest list:
- PretzelCorps
- Smelnick

- Smel's house

Event list:
- Watch Ghostbusters
- Watch House
- Watch Ghostbusters II
- Play video games

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I went to Canada once, and was terrified by the strange candies, and lack of billboards on the side of the roads. I only saw one. No. I think I'll stay where there are plenty of billboards to tell me what I like and want or need.


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Um, I'm from Canada too!

So it'd be like a really lame meetup.


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Smelnick said:
What are you talking about EI? Theres tons of billboards....where did you go that there werent' any?
I went up through Michigan's Upper-Peninsula to somewhere. I forget, as I was young, but I know I only saw one billboard a good ways away from the road.