GF Just Wouldn't be The Same....


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We have lots of member here at GF but which ones make General Forum complete.

If these members left Gf wouldn't be that same and would leave it incomplete, like a jigsaw puzzle.

For me there are a couple of member which if they left would change GF for the worse.

Bliss is one of them, I'm not quite sure what it is about her that makes me think that way, maybe her great rack!!
Seriously, she's a really good honest poster and without her I think GF would be a much more boring, I enjoy her submissions.

Also Babe-Ruth. He's a good poster and keeps GF ticking over nicely, particularly in sport discussion where he's very knowledgable in American sport.

Constantine. One of the most opinionated and sometimes a little out of line in his debating methods but he's a very well educated and street wise young man. Nothing gets by him and he can handle himself well in a heated discussion. He lets himself down sometimes with petty comments but overall he's a quality member, one of my favourites.

Others that spring to mind would be Bex, Echoes, Hybrix (obviously) and Bananas.


Well, obviously without Brix it wouldn't be the same.

Members that come to mind when I think of General Forum include Bliss, English-Emo-Boy, Bex, Nix, Chaos, Pugz, Babe_Ruth and pro2A.

I really don't think that this place would be the same without you all. I always enjoy reading your posts and...I just love you all so damn much! :lol:


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I'd say guys like BR, Tucker, and Icegoat make this place worthwhile.

For the gals, probably Bliss, Jeanie and Pugz (even though she doesn't post as often).


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Not always something to post about :D

Cons, BR, Bliss, Ysabel, Sui (even though i don't see him post often either), Night and EEB-can't talk football with anyone else when i want to!


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Hmm for me it would have to be.....

Babe_Ruth and kdmillz. Two great GFers and they both help to keep the wrestling section alive and busy.

Tucker, Bliss and ysabel. I don't really have a any particular reason for these three... They were just three GFers that came to mind as quality posters with great personalities! The place definitely wouldn't be the same without them.


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No one. As new members arrive and older ones disappear, it is the newer members who take up the positions the older members had, it is they who then make GF "complete". But then they eventually leave, and even newer members take their places, and the cycle goes on and on.

With this in mind, I submit that it's not the members that make this place complete. It's the sense of community. It's why we came here and why we stay here.


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Mostly just any member who doesn't revive old threads and make me regret auto-subscribing to threads. The members that don't do that are awesome an irreplaceable.
I promise this isn't another attempt to get back in her good books because I would have said it anyway, I'm going to say ysabel. She's one of the people here thats departure would make GF a very different place. Other people I feel would make this place feel incomplete are: Jeanie, actually all the LC girls & Tucker, whose posts I really love reading, and then there are all the MD debaters. When I think GF I think EEB & Nix because they were the first people I got to know here.

Oh, and of course Hybrix :lol: