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GF Girls: Shave or Wax legs?


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i shave my legs. waxing hurts too much for me...lol.


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In addition to my earlier post, I did try home waxing one time and it was a massive failure. That was a really, really, long time ago, maybe I will consider trying it again sometime. That could be worth it. I just feel like I have to let my hair grow out too much to wax, but my hair grows so fast, that maybe I could stand it.


still nobody's bitch
It is pretty awful waiting to be able to do it.

Burgundy, I haven't had it done in a salon in ages, so I can't really remember


I have never waxed my legs. I only shave them with Braun epilator. I love it!


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I shave. I'm not opposed to waxing, but I feel like shaving is just easier. In the past, I've waxed and one time it left me with huge bruises.


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I do both, waxing at a salon and shaving in between.

And Jeanie is right, I bought one of those kits, you rub the pad on your legs and to me it feels like rubbing sandpaper on them! Tossed it straight away.


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I use an epilator on my legs and underarms. Shaving is a pain in the ass and I always hated it. Then I discovered the wonders of the epilator and never went back! It hurt to begin with but I was too excited about not having to shave and knowing you can do it much less frequently and with much better results, too. My favourite thing is not having to use water/foam etc and it's so easy to clean.

Do I sound like a walking advertisement or what :shifteyes:

Epilators scare me. And I mean REALLY scare me, I once had a nightmare about one.
haha! They're not THAT bad. The noise is the scariest part. Also, I find it so hard to believe you have never shaved your legs lol (obviously I do believe, but you know what I mean...). I'll bet that's very rare.