GF Friends: How friendly?


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How many out of how many of the "friends" that you have on your GF "Friends" listing do you actually interact with in a friendly way outside of forum threads?


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I interact with a few of them on friendly terms outside the forums threads on MSN mostly. Don't know if chat is classed under this but I speak to a few of them in chat aswell. :nod:
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Off GF: I interact with some of them (less than half) via facebook and messengers. I regularly ym with Echoes, Vincent, Hybrix, kiwi, etc. I also chat, aside from im, with some of them over the phone (not just one time call/texts) like with Jeanie, Vegito, Chaos and Sui. I even send snail mail. :lol:


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Only a few on Aim, but when we do actually talk on aim, it's almost about the forums all the time. Other then that I don't interact with them other then the forums.


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Outside of threads I've never really talked directly to either of them.
About two lines of text to one, and nothing to the other..
I've spoken to EEB and Nixola on msn a couple of times, other than that its just people in the chatroom. Mainly chaos, nix and BR. But a few others too.

I like everyone on my friends list, and some off it too, but I've not had a chance to actually talk to hardly any of them.
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Tyler (Vegito) and Andrew (Kaz) I interact with regularly with outside the forum.

Kevin (Millz) usually on facebook.

Dianna (Jeanie) via pm usually.

There are other members I talk with but I think interact with them the most.


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I never really talk to anyone outside of GF since I don't use any instant messengers or myspace. There are people on here I talk to regularly through PMs or in chat, but if they wanted to talk aside from GF it would pretty much have to be on the phone.


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Out of my GF friends I don't really talk to many of them. Maybe a couple on MSN, a few facebook chums and one or two phone conversations.

It's mainly done via chat and PM's.