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Movies GF Film Review Club 2012 - July


aka ginger warlock
I do want to try to get this going again as I seem to have a lot of free time these days, there was some interest in the initial thread so here is the thread for July.

Here is a brief breakdown on the rules etc if you missed the original post:

You will have one month to get as many reviews in as you like within this thread, if you only want to do one review that is not a problem, if you want to do thirty that is also good. They can be any films you like, the idea is to introduce people to films you love. On that note as previously said there is not limit to how long the review must be but it comes down to this:

If you want someone to watch the film would you be taken in by one line of detail?

Other than that you are free to review how and what you will, I will keep a record of all the films reviewed in the sticky post I created and I can't wait to see what you come up with, happy film watching!


I am going to start this off even though it is not officially July by reviewing the 1999 Kevin Smith film, Dogma

Whenever you sit down to watch any film by Kevin Smith you can pretty much count on two things: 1. It will be offensive & 2. It will have a deeper meaning than most films out there. Dogma is no exception. It is a film starring Ben Affleck & Matt Damon who are playing two fallen angels Bartleby & Loki who are trying to get back into heaven. A church has opened that states that any person who walks through its doors they will be absolved of all sins. If they can pass into heaven they will prove that God is not as great as everyone claims he is and so the universe will collapse.

That is a brief breakdown and here is a clip:


This is not a film that will force you to change your mind about God, it is not a film designed to make you realize that the teachings you have heard are correct or a lie but it is a film where Kevin Smith has clearly done his homework and I think will make you think "he has a point". What it is is a film that will make you laugh, that will make you contemplate and will prove how well films can be made if they are given the chance.

It is an all star cast from Chris Rock as the 13th Apostle, Alan Rickman as a representative from God and of course the always wonderful Jay & Silent Bob.


Haters gonna hate.
Haven't heard of that movie, ginock. Looks awesome.

I may or may not have my first review up today. If so it will likely be the classic foreign film "Battle Royale". If it doesn't go up today it will easily go up by Friday night.

Then within the weekend expect another review for "The Way" starring Martin Sheen. I'll try to do at least 2 a week.


aka ginger warlock
My second pick for July is a film I am watching as we speak, it is wonderful film from The Hughes Brothers and stars the amazing Larenz Tate who was very much the great new hope for black cinema and was amazing alongside Ludicrus in "Crash" I am talking about the 1995 film, Dead Presidents:


From the outset the film looks to be a very happy young man who wants nothing more than to go to college, serve his country and have a family in a nice area, in other words, live the American dream, but when he returns from Vietnam he does not get the welcome he was expecting,

I will not go any further into the story because whilst it is a very simply story it is also a wonderful one. The direction and screen shot has obviously been done by someone who knows what they want from a show and how to achieve it. The script is beautiful and whilst there is an emphasis on the black community it does not feel that is a film purely about the black community.

It is also a film that has a heart, no matter what these men do you feel for them, you know they are only trying to do their best and that in the end they do not choose what they do because the want to hurt anyone but because they feel hurt.

I will stop now but I really suggest you check this film out.


Haters gonna hate.
My first film for the month (about two weeks late) is an absolutely thrilling classic from the far east...



This very niche-y title from Japan centers around a class of middle school students going on a trip, and stuff happens and they end up having to kill each other for the purpose of pleasing someone who is introduced early on in the story.

In terms of the story, it actually carries on really well. There is impetus to the story, and a strong reason to keep watching. Relationships build, themes explained, and symbolism given. It's a thrilling story that had me guessing. The action is brutal, and doesn't hold back AT ALL, which is what I expected.

All in all, I would recommend this to any film buff that wants something different. It's an enjoyable ride that is worth every minute spent. Sheer Japanese perfection... except the ending is a little rushed, but that's minor.

But, it's my favorite movie from outside the US... ever.