GF Dreams and Mindnumbing Pain From Wisdom Teeth


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So last night, I woke up 5 times because of unbelievable pain from wisdom teeth growing in, but despite that, I kept falling asleep again and dreaming the SAME creepy dream that had ALL to do with GF.

So in it we were all conspiring ON GF to go to the white house and steal a lot of money from it (why there's all this money in the white house at the time is beyond me... but it was a weird dream). And the president was not Obama, but Brixy. :/ Who happened to never show up on GF anymore for some reason.

Well, we decided we were going to put a distraction in one of the clothes washers... a bomb that Smel designed himself.

Anyway, we all went as a GF meet-up and met in D.C. then we visited the white house in a tour group all our own, distracting our tour guide so Cons could sneak away and plant the bomb. But Barbara totally volunteers to go with, so they sneak off.

Well, Brixy has a dog, hilariously named Checkers. And Checkers comes bounding up to us and NIN and I get really excited about the dog and get totally distracted from the game plan so we're petting Checkers and scratching his ears and Cons comes back but Barbara's missing.

Well, the bomb doesn't go off and we get panicky someone will find it and Babe_Ruth smacks Smelnick in the back of the head for making a faulty bomb and then they get into this drunken fight and our tour guide has disappeared completely.

All of a sudden we all hear "FREEZE!" come from Barbara's mouth. We look and the secret service and a bunch of FBI are surrounding us with guns and Barbara's ahead of them all. She was an FBI agent the whole time and we all got put in jail where we could only speak to our lawyers through internet forums. :/

And at some point there was a creepy obese guy that was like "touch my beelllleeeeeeeeeehhhh!!!!!" And we were all very disturbed... But Chaos was trying to get someone to do it, for a laugh.

And that was it...

Thoughts? Comments?


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Touch mah bellaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I resent that you dreamt that I made a faulty bomb. I never create anything short of perfection.


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I figured her out, that's why.

So after we did some baby makin', I knocked her out and threw her in the river. But she's a tough one and now we take turns trying to kill one another.


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lawl, I'm pretty sure the reason she went with is because she had US figured out... because of our not so clever publicly online scheming.

And Smel, the bomb may NOT have been faulty at all... Cons is the one who was supposed to set it up... and even if he did HIS job right, Barbara went with him. She could have disarmed it.

BR only ACCUSED your bomb of being faulty.