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GF Dinner Party


Sally Twit
Yes, I did steal this idea from HES (http://www.generalforum.com/general-discussion/dinner-party-stars-81191.html) but I'm sure he won't mind.

You are given the task of holding a dinner party for GF members of your choice. It has to be for a minimum of five members.

Who would you invite?
What would you make?
Would you provide any entertainment?
Would you cook yourself or would you hire someone to do it for you?

The floor is yours!
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still nobody's bitch
I don't want to say who I would invite because I'll inevitably leave someone out and their feelings will get hurt, even if I didn't mean to. I think those of you who would be invited know that you would be.

It would be in the summer so I could cook on the grill. I would make tequila lime chicken, mango salsa, and grilled marinated veggies (asparagus, summer squash, zucchini, and onions). Appetizers would be an olive platter, baba ghanouj, french baguette, and salmon & cream cheese pinwheels. I'm just insane enough to attempt the cooking myself.

I'd have plenty of wine and beer, plus the option to let people make mixed drinks.

I'd put MAgnum and qweerblue in charge of the music, she could mentor him. Otherwise, the entertainment would consist of good conversation.
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I would like to invite all the members I've chatted with [either here or on SKype].

I would cook some Albanian food by hiring someone to do it for us.

I would sing your each and everyone's favorite songs. Also I would make sure to put on some good music for us to dance and cheer up.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Just a reminder to everyone that this is in General Discussion, so try to put a little bit of thought into your replies. The posts that are visible right now are fine.

Like Jeanie, I thought about not replying to this thread, or at least not naming names, because I didn't want anyone to get upset about getting left out. Just know that if I didn't choose you, it doesn't mean you aren't one of my best friends or that I wouldn't want you there. I am honestly just picking five people that I think would have a great time together at the type of party I would throw. So without further ado...

1. I would invite Steve, Millz, Impact, Smelnick, and Jeanie.

2. I would be grilling burgers and brats. I would also do some grilled vegetables and have fresh fruit and a salad.

3. There would be a bonfire and a wide variety of beer.

4. I would do all the cooking myself.


Mark ov teh Pond
1. I thought about naming names, but I'm in agreeance with Elly. I would invite those who I talk to the most in chat & messenger. I would keep it around 10 members. I want enough people to make it interesting, and not too much that attentions and activities get divided, etc.

2. I'm an American, man. I'd more than likely get the crocs out and have sloppy joes going, BBQ cocktail weenies, taco salad, you name it. People nom when hungry, no set dinner time.

3. Well if I had my choice where a dinner party would be held, it would more than likely be in a dance hall or something similar with plenty of space for knocking around. I would then put up a projection screen for movies, get some background noise going, etc. Then I would set up some poker tables and have a REAL POKER TOURNAMENT. Taps set up with the food so people can just go serve themselves whenever.

4. lol @ me cook. I don't think they have invented a big enough Microwave for me to feed all of you.


Embrace the Suck
I would invite pretty much everyone but at the minumum I would want Jeanie, Pam, Nixola, Kay, SS, Goat and MIT there.

I would fire up my BBQ pit and grill fajitas, smoked sausage, some chicken, with rice, beans and tortillas. Maybe some potato salad.

EDIT: I forgot to add Kibster. She'd be a blast to hang out with:)

Oh and of course Imp. She can draw a portrait of me once the party is over :lol:
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Lion Rampant
Who would you invite?
Errybuddy, by which I mean everyone on my GF friends list and a few more. Why no?

What would you make?
After seeing Jeanie's post, I'd do my best to make her cook, her way. If that's not an acceptable answer, hot dogs. Who cares? It's all about the open bar.

Would you provide any entertainment?
Not really. If the music and the legal drugs and the hot dogs and the hundred friends milling about aren't enough for you, you can just go home.

Would you cook yourself or would you hire someone to do it for you?
I usually do take chef duty, but something as big as I'm talking about would undoubtedly require a full-time host.


Well-Known Member
Who would you invite?
What would you make?
Would you provide any entertainment?
Would you cook yourself or would you hire someone to do it for you?
When I start to list everyone I like, it gets too big. So i'm not picking favourites at all here and i'm breaking the rules and making two separate lists.

First list would be Bizzy, Echoes, CuriousGirl, SuiGeneris, Konshentz and Steve.
Food would be a bbq, ribs, wings, steaks with side salads. and there would be lots of beer. Entertainment would come in the form video games, poker, music and more than likely some drinking games. I would prepare the food myself and get the guys to cook it because I fail at grilling

Second list would be Kibi, Iris, AnitaKnapp, Jeanie, Bliss and Ysabel.
We would have fingerfoods to eat, so my famous 7 layer dip, spring rolls, cheese, etc. And to drink...cocktails. We wouldn't need entertainment really, because there would be so much chatter going on, and i'm sure between 7 of us we could come up with something to do. Again, I would do the food myself.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I just want to say that I didn't realize the OP said "a minimum of five members." I could have sworn it said "at most five members." Maybe that is what Bliss edited. If I could invite more members, of course I would. Idi, Bliss, Izzy, Brix, I'd definitely want you guys there. Tucker, why the hell not, man. Almost everybody would be invited. So I guess now it doesn't feel as special if you were mentioned. :lol:


Registered Member
Of course I don't mind Bliss - My original idea was shit, it's like The Godfather Pt 2.

I'm still pretty new, although I am getting to know one or two - I reckon I'd invite the people from the Game Character Draft thing --- Echoes, Impact, KSpice, Konshentz, DaStevez etc...
Musical entertainment would be predominantly rock and metal based, and a little of something else depending on preference of some guests. There would have to be some sort of video gaming system active, perhaps a number of consoles and myriad of games... Heck, I'd even try to secure myself a bloody Space Invaders arcade machine. I'd also like to have people bringing us drinks, attractive people, that everybody can ogle maybe - ? :S

Food wise, I'd be pretty stumped because I'm no chef and there's bound to be some fussy bugger. I guess there'd be a lot of crisps/chips around and nuts and dips and shit. I think I'd probably go with some sort of barbecue with some flunky to serve up the burgers and whatnot. Either way it'd be rate good, so long as I got to hold the thing in a place better than my house -- Because my house is shit.
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