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Inspired by the online dictionary thread.

If there could be a GF dictionary: a repository of words/expressions particular to GF community or average words that are redefined somehow by its users...

What words would be there and what would be their definitions?


spree - (noun) refers to the number of consecutive days you're online long enough to make a post or a thread in nonsubtalk forums; may involve breaking your vacation to surf on your mobile phone; could get you a seat on the "gf train"; evil plan of Hybrix to get members addicted to the site


For the Horde!
Fap: The onomatopoeic representation of male masturbation.
Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
It can also be used to suggest that something is cute, or that something tastes good, or simply that the person using the word greatly approves of whatever he/she (mostly he) says 'fap' to.

when i was first looking around here i always wanted to ask what you guys meant when you said 'OP' :lol: but then i guessed it means Original Poster, or something, right? :confused:
Troll: A representation of the lowest form of life. Stupid, incoherent, arrogant, and annoying. Ultimately just a waste of time. (See also: FlyHigher, Barbie, LoneEagle.)


Son of Liberty
how 'bout:

Mafia-Esque (verb) [Maw-Fee-Uh-Ess-Kuh] A term used to describe a persons deceptive character; Namely in reference to the "Mafia" Game in which deception is the main strategy. "why are you lying? You seem so mafia-esque"


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Religious Right - anyone who posts in the religious forum and think they're always right and can never be mistaken