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In the other thread I asked what is your GF forte.
This thread is slightly different.

We all know of The Guinness Book of World Records, but here in GF we have a smaller community where each and every one of us contributes to and is valued (well, some anyway :lol:) we have a different standard of records.
This thread it is not necessarily about your best GF personal record, but your best record regarding anything within the GF community.

For example, GF related records would be things like:
- The person with the most posts
- The person with the most threads
- Highest spree to date.
- Best arcade player (highest scores of all time in certain games)

But there are also members' records not related to the function of the forum.
- Tallest member
- Shortest member
- Member with the biggest collection of [insert name here]

The idea is that your record has to be unique (as in no two members can have the exact same record i.e being the tallest member)

So if you have a GF [Community] Record then by all means post it!

You can be challenged for your records, so you might have to fight for your GF record!

If you think that there are better records than the ones displayed in the above list, understand I am not the one who makes the decisions.
If a record entry is challenged it is up to the GF community to select the best (preferably done in a new thread in ST accordingly) in a poll.

Perhaps I should add rules regarding challenging entries:
1. If someone posts a record in this thread, then it will automatically be listed in the list of records.
2. If the said record is to be challenged one needs to create a thread in Sub Talk, with the subject line looking like this:
[GF Records Challenge] - (insert name of record)
3. A challenge is not just posting a disagreement to the record proposed, but-
3a. If it's an objective record (i.e stats) posting a fact/proof the record is not the best.
3b. If it's a subjective record (i.e the most memorable singer) then one needs to post a different record for it to be polled against each other.
3c. A poll set up in such a thread should be opened for a week only.
3d. Anyone can vote in a challenge thread.
4. Winner of the challenge will be placed in the list of Records.

Also I think the best way to display the GF records would be in the OP, there will be a current list of the GF record entries, and it will change accordingly with every new/challenged entry.

GF Book Of Records list

Community related (from a-z):
Most Active Albanian Member - Elidicious
Most Active Israeli Member - Boredie
Most Active New Zealand Member - Impact
Most Artistic Member - Angelspeak
Most Miles Walked in One Continuous Hiking Trip (120) - Echoes
Oldest (time-wise) Active Member - DaStevez
Remains Online the Most - Elidicious

Forum related (from a-z):
Dished out Most Negs - Swiftstrike
Longest Tenure As Mod - DaStevez
Most Poker Victories - DaStevez
Most Power Hours In Chat - Smelnik
Most Memorable Contest Performance - icegoat
Most Referrals (239) - Babe Ruth
Most Threads Created - Babe Ruth
Most Times Passing Out In Chat - Smelnik
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Unless someone can think of something else that I'm more memorable at, I'm going to claim 'Most Times Passing Out In Chat''

I've also "Completed The Most Power Hours In Chat" (that's in chat, not in real life. I'm sure theres others that beat me in real life hahaha)


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I think my record is pretty obvious and no one is even close to me. I have the referrals on this forum I believe the count is at 239 now.

Another record that I own is most threads created.


-i guess i'm the user who stays online the most. whenever you come online, you'll always see my name on here lol...
it's hard for me to navigate away from GF page.

-plus, i took a look at the statistics and it said Avg. post/members 30 days - it was my country's flag in the 1st place but i'm not sure what this statistic shows lol as it seems to be similar with a few other ones.
oh ... and i'm the only Albanian on the forum. it don't know how much of a record this is lol
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Weird, I thought I posted in here.

I think I'm the person with the longest tenure as a moderator but I don't know how we could measure that. I know I have more poker victories than anyone and, possibly, the highest win percentage. I'm not sure what else I qualify for except that I've been here longer than any other active member unless RarePD randomly decides to keep posting of Black_Detha comes out of seclusion.


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Well, i'm the most active New Zealander as Atreyu hardly ever posts anymore, zero only calls in occasionally and my sister is rarely here unless I tell her to be.

I could also probably run for shortest member but I think ysabel and Barb could top (well, not literally) that one.