GF - Best Forum Ever?


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Straight up, no bulls**t! General Forum for me is the best forum I've come across so far. It basically has everything that you can think of to discuss. The absence of an adult section (referring to porn) though noticeable to some does not detract from its engaging, entertaining and fulfilling atmosphere. Like every other forum it has its flaws but, hey! it's evolving and with our help it can become one of the best, if not the best forum ever! True?
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I've not been a member of any other forum so it's hard for me to compare. I've found everything I needed in a forum at GF though.


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So far, it is. After all, I'm here.


Although GF doesn't cover everything I need, it's the only forum that does cover the most for me. And Hybrix did a good job with his codes.


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I searched for a lot of forums and decided this was the best forum for me. I like the posters here and I'm happy to be a part of the GF family.


I can proudly say this is the best general forum on the internet.

I have been to tons of forums in the past ...and most of them are full of spam, lack of discussions/topics/activity.

Members here have a different level and a higher level of maturity.
Admins are unbiased and also post frequently, while at the other forums admins don't usually post. They are there just to ban.

So GF is


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overall this forum has everything you want to discuss and its seems like a friendly enough place to be. its easy to navigate around and people seem very accepting so yeah i like general forums after all if i didn't i wouldn't be here lol


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I wouldn't have been so active here for so long if I didn't think this was the best forum. The forum is just the right size - not too small that there's no activity, but not too big that there's no sense of community. The members are really cool and for the most part mature. And there's tons of awesome features like the arcade and poker.


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I've been on a couple others and this is far and away the best one I've been too. Granted, I have more posts on another forum but that's because all the posts count there no matter what.

So yeah, best I've seen. Lots of good discussions and good people around here.


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I love it here!

I don't think there is another forum that has everything I need on it like this one does. Also the people on here are fab and they've become some of my favourite people to talk to :)