GF Being Slow

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Is GF being slow for anyone else? It seems every page takes at least a minute to load and most of the time I lose connection to the server and have to press Go again a couple times to get it to.

The rest of my tabs open are working fine.

Anyone else?


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I think it's like that for everyone. Brix is in India so, so far as I know, nobody's been around to properly maintain the server.
It was bad a couple of weeks, then in the past week it was doing great until yesterday - started getting slow again. Hyb will be back within the week but dDave looks into server issues meantime.


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We're being DDoSed! Just kidding! Maybe it's useful if we post the relative time (to avoid confusion of different time zomes) at which it seems slow. Mine was 6 hours before this post.


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Last night it was really bad, but it's been working fairly well for me this morning and late last night. Hopefully it stays that way.


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Brix should be happy to see how we all miss him and the work he puts into this forum. But yeah, I've had all kinds of crazy things going on with my GF the last 2 or 3 days even. But then I know Brix will fix it soon!
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