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GF and Firefox


aka ginger warlock
*I am angry*

So until today Firefox and GF seemed to get on well but I have found today it has been awful, when clicking on just about any link it seems to kill the program, reload and try again. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still having problems. I have now moved over to Chrome in the hope things will be a bit better, has anyone else had any similar problems?


Registered Member
I use Firefox and am not having any issues. I can however say this, I have had issues with Firefox with other sites and was forced to switch to Google Chrome, I later learned that my problems were not with Firefox at all, it was Flash player causing the issues with Firefox. Google Chrome uses it's own Flash Player and this seems to "fix" web page problems, but not really, it is just bypassing YOUR Flash Player that may be causing the problem.


Haters gonna hate.
Firefox has fallen off in terms of quality as of late, so you'll definitely get a good change when you swap to chrome.

I have to agree with Frenzy. The problem is on your end. I just booted up GF on Firefox and I was fine.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've also just tested GF in FireFox and it seems to be fine. Even so, you should switch to Chrome. It's by far the best browser around. And to anybody still using IE, you might as well just call AOL and cancel your account... ;)