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getting your ebay hacked into without you knowing


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God I hate those people and you know I still emails from people from the guy who posted on my ebay account a stove. Well I can tell you I stopped 4 from buying from this guy who was in London and I am happy to say he was caught because these people that he contacted to get them to buy an non item that he didn't have, they provided me with his emails and his address.. boy was he stupid, I email them to the fbi and ebay and they emailed friday that they aprended this guy who was not only hacking to my ebay account but 50 other accts. So I am glad I got this person. I was very happy. and I don't click on anything anymore from ebay or paypal. I got wiser and I just get even................wooooooowhoooooooooooo yeah... revenge this way so much sweeter...... I don't know him or see him or he sees me....... Thank God


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What I do, is I always forward the e-mail. If it is PayPal related, I forward the e-mail to [email protected],. and Ebay is [email protected]. They will let you know if it was from them.

I am so glad that they caught the guy. I had asked a seller a question about an item. The item was supposedly coming from the U.K. Well, the next thing I know is that I received a nasty e-mail from Ebay. Then I received an e-mail from the real seller, telling me that someone posted an auction for an item using her seller i.d. I don't know what happened with that one.
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