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getting your ebay hacked into without you knowing


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Hi, this Ana known as nani1987, I wasn't online yesterday since I didn't feel well, I a always online daily. Anyway i sure got a surprised when I was checking my email well this jerk I hope you dont' get mad andrew email: [please do not post email addresses] changed my paypal acct to his email and had the nerve to post a giant stove on my acct and it charged me 128 dollars. this person got into my accts and I spent all morning changing,passwords, names accts, and on the phone with paypal and ebay live help to get this jerk reported. I had to report it to the fbi and local police. and to top it off my son's order of dvd he spent with his own money came today and it wasn't as described. It was all bootleged and didn't play. Man Andrew here a good topic.
Being scammed or your acct tapped from overseas............
I am not having a good day, I have MS and I am more stressed than my Multiple scolcerisis that I have. Well I hope this never happens to anyone .
Be careful... check your accts regularly.... I have cable internet I am thinking about dial up...and to think I have all sort of spyware,virus etc programs, guess they dont work...........guhhhhhhhh sorry just mad... :mad:
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I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you.
I still dont quite understand how it does though. How did he get your password? Was there a keylogger installed on your computer? Was it an easy password? Or was it virus related?


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no I was stupid enough to click on a email i thought was ebay saying my acct was suspened sorry i can't spell....lol i had one of my auction pulled by ebay so i thought it was real. I didnt pay attendtion to it , when it say your name it is real when it has your ebay name it's fake. I spent an hour with ebay to fix this because their toolbar to reconized fraudlet mail didn't alert me so I was mad as heck.. I had all my fees credited and just had fun spending my morning changing passwords.... fun fun fun... I just don't want this to happen to anyone..... it is so stressful....

Yup it was a powerseller one I got one too. and it was orginally from the UK....
overseas... sick people......
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I get those emails all the time. I just forward them to Ebay and ask if it was from them. I don't click on any links or anything to be safe.


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Yeah, we get tons of those at work. Haven't gotten any of those yet (knock on wood) in my emails at home.


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you are correct, I just hate I had to find out the hard way.......... it is what ebay told me to do along with reporting any suspision (sorry can't spell lol) tranactions with any emails to the local authority police. It was another thing ebay said to do.


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yeah i know its very weird how scammers can do this, they sent me a email that looked like it was the real ebay email asking me to verify my passwords and ss# so i did not thinking about it...well ebay emailed me a said i was scammed so i had to change everything...i hate scammers


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Wow everyone that is amazing....I hope I can say this forehead guy...I agree with everything in this post and know thanks to your messages I am about to nail the guy/girl who got me. I don't know why they do it. It's not like we're not gonna find out with at least 24 hours unless they know when we're going on vacation or not gonna be able to check the internet but let me tell you I don't know about all of you but I am an internet junkie not to mention a new EBAY JUNKIE. I love this stuff and it keeps me thinking.

Anyway, I received both the Powerseller emails and the suspended account emails and I did click on both of them and in fact tried to sign up for both. After no response from the powerseller email I knew it was a fake. It was weird too because I have a rating of only 13 and I don't think you can be a power seller at that rating lol but they're lucky I was new cause I had no idea but now I will take you down. Lets try this again whoever you are.

As you can see they got me too - They unlisted four of my most popular auctions and three of them are running right now but what sucks is the first ones that got pulled did good and then the 2nd listings of these three auctions were kicking butt!! On pace for way more than this one and now it's just a decent auction...nothing spectacular as of yet and I think that sucks. Not to mention, it is taking me about 3 weeks now to get the listing fees for those 4 auctions that they canceled relisted.

Last but not least, like I had $9,000 lol - These people are dumb. Not only would I never have been able to pay for a $9,000 Guitar nor would he been able to get his hands on it.

So I retracted that bid that was made on my behalf by a third party and I reported it. Let's get these punks that cost us money in the long run due to unlisting auctions, bidding on other accounts, etc.

Thanks everyone,
Darrrell Mason
aka pokermase32


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Here is the e-mail heading that is used by one of the spoof sites for pay pal:

"PayPal" <[email protected]>

Its a total fake, they have sent me countless e-mails telling me my account was suspeneded, i just keep forwarding them to paypal so they can eventually get rid of those people

btw, you can tell that these e-mails are fake because they'll do stupid things like put a pay pal verification id on the letters trying to make them look more real....also the "tecnical" stuff at the bottom of these is centered....i believe pay pal justifies their's to the left...anyway...i never click on anything...if i think it may really be from either ebay or pay pal...i just type the address in my browser and check to see if the accounts work


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When ever I would get "spoof" I would click on the link, and then enter something real ugly in the user name and password boxes knowing that the theif would get to read it! But then once I clicked on the link and there was a virus attached so then I had to do alot of work to get it off of my computer so now I do not click on the spoof links anymore! :)