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Getting warranty replacements?


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So I had some problems with something I bought a few years ago. It was a battery backup for my PC in case of power outages and the battery wasn't holding a charge anymore.

I called APC and was surprised to find out that it was under warranty and that I could have the whole thing replaced for free. I was expecting to have to spend about $100 for a new battery so this was a really nice surprise.

Have you ever had anything replaced through a warranty program? Anything that you didn't think was covered?

I must have bad luck because I have used more warranties than I can count.


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Here recently, my check engine light was on. I read in the manual, and it said that it was something to do with air emissions. There were 3 different kinds of problems that could be covered at different mileages. I thought for sure that whatever problem I had, that it was over the mileage. My catillitic(sp?) converter was out, but thankfully, it was covered. That would have cost me a fortune. I think it was around $950.