Getting Tips


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if someone gave you a tip, would you accept or be like no thanks?

I was doing an installation today and the customer told me that they were on a budget. When I got done with the install, the customer offered me a tip and I usually don't take tips. I would usually tell them no, that's ok, but they always insist and give it to me. With this customer, i really didn't want to take their money since they are on a budget and they can use the money towards bills or something. I told her no, that's ok and they was like are you sure and I said yeah.


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I never accepted tips at work. I think it depends on what kind of work you are doing. If you are doing a service for someone then it is polite for them to tip you. At the time I was just working in retail and I wouldn't accept a tip just for helping someone find something in the store.


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I don't like to accept, but in cases where I think someone might be up upset or a little offended, I reluctantly take it, but show great thanks, or mabe do a little extra something to be kind back. In something that invloves getting a tip, it's usually going to be from a favour with people I know, or know through someone else.


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I usually refuse the tip but I have had customers go as far as stick it into my pockets for me. @[email protected] Since I work at a grocery store it is not uncommon to help people out to their cars when the buy huge amounts of groceries. Very rarely do I ever get offered a tip, usually around Christmas time. When I am offered a tip I feel awkward. I was only doing my job after all.


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I could understand accepting tips as a delivery guy or as a waiter/ess, but... like.. I don't know, when I was a cashier I never ever accepted tips. I rarely got them, but around holidays people would want to leave me their small change, and I never ever accepted it. I get a paycheque of my own! They should keep theirs, even if its just a few pennies.


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I'm like everyone else, I always refuse because I do it because I wanted to, but then they'll keep telling me to take it, and sometimes they even put it in my pocket. So that's the only time I take a tip from someone.


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I have taken tips when working in restaurants,and have also accepted them when finishing a job with my brother doing building work,but i really dont like to accept,yeah the money is nice,but i would prefer to see that money go into a charity,which is where the tips i have received in the past have ended up.