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Getting Started on a Regimen


New Member
I am now in the process of trying to diet. If there is anyone out there that has dieted before can you give me some tips on what you did to get yourself motivated to work out and to diet before you actually got started. Thanks.


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Staff member
Well it's the same as starting an exercise or workout routine. The only sure way to do it is to make a rule for yourself that you will not do something you like until you have either A, worked out, or B, not broken your diet that day, etc.

Of course that won't work if you will cheat and do whatever it is (watch TV, surf the web, or whatever it is) anyway. If you have zero self control then you will not be successful with any new habit you try to start.

I think the best way to do it is just to be very conscious of it and try not to distract yourself from reaching your goals.


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It's been awhile since this has been posted but I thought I would chime in anyway.

Have you found a diet that works for you?

I have never actually been on a diet so to speak but I do try to eat healthy and one thing that really helps for me is to have menu plans and to stick to them.

I tend to make up a menu for the week and buy the groceries I need at the start of the week.

This makes cooking more enjoyable for me because I am not always stressed out about what I am making and whether or not I have the ingredients on hand.

When I make my menus I tend to look for recipes on the internet that are in healthy eating sections. I tend to watch the calorie count, fat grams, and carbohydrates.

It seems to work for me because I have lost about 10 pounds and have kept it off even though I allow myself the occasional ice cream treat.


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I am probably going to join a gym. I'm actually going in tonight to talk with them. I really hope that this works out, cause I'm overweight and I'm tired of being overweight.


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Once I get a full-time job, I am going to look into joining a gym as well. I really need the exercise and to lose some weight.


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I didn't work out for me to go into the gym tonight to talk with them. I got really busy with things at home and didn't have a chance. I live out in the country, so it's a little harder to get into town sometimes. Hopefully tomorrow will work better for me.

Snipes, I really hope you do start going to a gym. That will be really good for you.


Registered Member
but a gym takes money which I don't have much of right now.
I know that you don't have much, I just meant that when you do have some spare money that you will go to the gym.