Getting Shut Down By Rude Employees


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Have you ever been shut down by a rude employee at a store?

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I had the idea to buy one of those star balloons they have above all of the clothing racks (in this particular store at least). It was going to be as part of a joke for somebody so we figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if we could have or buy one.

The conversation went pretty much like this:

Excuse me, you know all these star balloons you have everywhere?


Can we buy one?

No. (annoyed)


If I had known it was going to be such a touchy subject I would have never asked. :lol: Seriously though, have you ever been shut down like this at a store?
My friend asked someone at Sainburys if their Halloween decorations are for sale (they were the stores own decorations that clearly were not on sale, but he just thought one of them would be funny to have in the flat) and the shop employee reacted as if it was the most outlandish request ever. I mean, it was about 9pm ON Halloween, they'd do well to sell off decorations that weren't even on sale :lol:


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I never let it bother me. My friends an I have a highly off beat sense of humor so we usually ask some pretty effed up questions in stores. At one point we fell in love with the way this one mannequin was posed that we tried to buy it. The manager got so annoyed at us for some unknown reason.

Also because of the way I dressed in high school if I went into a normal clothing store I would get the instantaneous look of "You don't belong here." because us gawth kids didn't like to mix normal clothing into our look.


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Hey maybe she's had the same question over and over again. :)

Sometimes I ask and if I get a rude reply,I'd just say "ok fine" then walk away...unless I'm REALLY desperate to look for an item in that store.


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I asked someone in Boots for a small bag once when I brought some perfume and they said they didn't have any small ones and a big one would be too big. I didn't want to walk round with perfume for the rest of the time I was in town so I said a big one would have to do. She sighed and then gave me the bag. Get over it, lady.


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You'll always get bad employees, some of them don't like there job or their having problems at home so they take it with them on the job.

Like Barb said I don't let it bother me, I somewhat understand since I worked in ratail when I was younger and it's not fun at all. So if it does happen I just thank them for their help and if I need more help I just go to someone else.


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If this scenario happend to me then I wouldn't get moody or annoyed I would just be like "well ok, you'r losing out on a sale" then go away.

If they arent gonna sell then I can't make them.


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That's when you ask to speak with a manager. That usually gets their attention.
The funny thing is if we had asked to speak to a manager we probably would have got one for free. Like I said though it wasn't a huge deal anyway. That's why we just laughed about it and kept walking.


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One of the biggest factors in my job is customer service so it always annoys the hell outta me when someone doesn't show me the same great service I always have to give people.

That's your job whether you like it or not!