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Discuss Getting rid of unwanted items


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I just get someone to help me haul the bigger stuff outside to the curb. By the next morning, it's usually gone. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff like that such as chairs, an old computer desk, a table fan, you know... junk like that.

For old clothing, I just pack it up, give Big Brother's of BC a phone call and tell them that I have a box full old clothing that they can have. And do the same, just leave it on the curb with a sticker that says Big Brother's and they usually come by in an hour or two to collect it.


Usually I give stuff away or when they are small furniture I just put the in a box and throw them in the bin, outside.
If the furniture is big we pay some people to come and take it but it's been so long since we done that and I don't remember how much it costed.


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I am in the process of adding things, not getting rid of much.

I do have a lot of clothes I probably should donate or something but furniture wise I am holding onto all of this until I decide its time to upgrade and actually get matching sofa and love seats lol


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Most I have to get rid off, I just ask my nanny. She either takes it for herself or she knows some neighbor who needs it. That's what we do for clothes and children's materials. I don't think we had to give away major furniture. Mine has been divided into two since th divorce and what I have now is bare necessities.