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Discuss Getting rid of unwanted items


Sally Twit
My partner and I have decided to get rid of some very old furniture we have so that we can replace it with some nice new stuff.
I called our local Council yesterday and they charge £13 for the first item and £6 for any additional item. This seems pretty expensive to me. I know they are offering a service but still.
We decided to just get rid of the TV and the TV unit this month as we'd be paying a further £6 for every additional item. We still have some tables we want to get rid of so that will have to wait.

Have you ever changed so much of your furniture at one time? Did you pay for people to remove your unwanted waste or did you drive it to a skip?


Creeping On You
Whenever I get rid of unwanted furniture, I just haul it out of the apartment myself, down the stairs and put it out behind the building by the dumpster. At my mom's, we pile it outside, and when my grandpa comes over with his truck, we pile it on the back and take it to the dump. I've never paid anyone to take away my stuff.


Where is my Queen?
I usually put my stuff in the front yard, put a sign up saying that this stuff is free, and it is gone within 8 hours. Never paid for anybody to move my stuff, but I have been paid to help move stuff.


Haters gonna hate.
We never dispose of our unwanted furniture, we just give it to other people at no cost to them. We've also used a lot of the same furniture over the years. I think we've only changed our general furniture scheme in my living room, for example, twice in my lifetime.


Sally Twit
These are things I wouldn't want to give away. The TV is absolutely huge and bulky. It belonged to my grandma so you can imagine what kind of TV it is.
As for the unit, it is falling to bits haha. The TV is too heavy.


Did you pay for people to remove your unwanted waste or did you drive it to a skip?
A Skip ???

I live in an apartment so we have dumpsters in 3 locations so I just toss'em in.

I go thru my closets and go thru all my boxes twice a month and decide what stays and what goes.


I've gotten rid of a few couches & a chair at one time. We did it ourselves & it was a huge pain the ass. It took forever to get them through the doorways and by the time it was all done & we hat the new stuff in... it was almost not worth it. Haha.


Craigslist is a wonderful thing. That's how my family has gotten rid of most of it's unwanted furniture.


Sally Twit
A Skip ???

They are sometimes left in certain areas of town so that you can dispose of your waste for free. I just don't know where one is and I don't have a car to be able to search for one.
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Registered Member
Generally we've been able to sell or give stuff away. Once in a while we have to take something to the dump, but usually not a lot of furniture.